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Yarn Dyeing

Yesterday I had a lovely day out at The Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles dyeing yarn. What a fabulous facility, kinda makes me wish I had moved out to the burbs to have easy access to this place. They have a whole room of looms, a pottery studio, a fantastic wet lab […]

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

My kids and myself (as designated genetic carrier) have just been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My sister Deb’s 25 year old son was diagnosed with this last fall after suffering chronic joint pain and weakness in his legs. For many years he did a lot of break dancing and martial arts and more recently […]

Alien pod thing

I love the way this thing looks. Actually I altered this in photoshop. It originally looked like this. We used to find these on the hillsides up above our home in the canyon in Los Angeles. They grew on a vine, sometimes along the ground, sometimes hanging from a thin stem with the vine coiled […]

The National Bisquit Company

This is a picture of our building, taken sometime between 1910 and now. We have the top corner unit, the row of three windows in the pop up section and the row of windows below.