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Quilted Mitochondria

This piece is about 10 inches across.

My first lace pattern

At a coffee shop two blocks from my loft a nice little knitting group formed, and I was urged on by a member to try the feather and fan lace pattern. I have a hard time knitting patterns, I think it takes too much concentration, I always find myself chatting with someone while I knit […]

Quilted Nerve Cells

The nerve cells are outline quilted with a metalic thread with wool batting, so they are puffy and round. The background is quilted with monofilament that is clear enough to not cover the nerve-like designs in the hand dyed fabric, but it sparkles just enough to be seen. This piece is about 10 inches square.

Quilted stem cells

I don’t know if this looks much different but it is now quilted with a layer of wool batting behind, with very close quilting in the background red areas so there is somewhat of a trapunto effect. I also painted a little more with some golden fluid acrylic glazes to give a little more transparent […]

New Socks and Abby’s new sweater

My latest socks knit from my hand dyed yarn and Abby’s new sweater also knit from it with green alpaca trim.

Finger Splints

This is what my fingers normally look like. Embroidery work makes my thumb hurt. Writing anything lengthy has always caused pain and almost illegible handwriting. Cutting is no fun either. And yet I have made art my whole life. Friday my kids and I went to see a hand surgeon to get help with the […]

Blogger is not cooperating today

I have been having trouble all afternoon and evening. now it will publish, but I still can’t save a draft or upload a picture. maybe tomorrow it will work.

More cells

This is a electronmicroscope picture of cells, below is my initial interpretation of the cells with Angelina fibers.                 This is mitochondria drawn with Tsukineko inks and oil paint stick.

New Work

I have stem cells on my mind. 60 Minutes had a story on some new stem cell research that is showing amazing results for regenerating spinal cord cells making formerly paralyzed mice able to walk. It is amazing that we are so close to so many medical breakthoughs. 60 Minutes went on to say that […]