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Health Pill

Tuesday night my friend Michele “Mookie” Pusateri picked me up for a dinner of mole enchiladas at one of my favorite mexican restaruants called La Cabanita, before meeting with my old art quilt group. It was so wonderful to see them and see the work they have been doing. Michele suprised me with the gift […]

Happy Easter

We are not eating this cake today. We are on a plane to Los Angeles instead. This was last years cake. We will spend the day in Venice with my husbands family. The kids have a big list of things to do while in Los Angeles. At the top of the list is a trip […]

Internet down

Well my internet went down on the weekend and it took the cable guy two hours yesterday to figure out the workers remodeling the unit next door cut the cable line in the wall between our units. I am off to Los Angeles on Sunday for two weeks to visit friends and family and go […]

I am going to miss you Onnolee!

My dearest friend Onnolee Sullivan succumbed to ovarian cancer this morning. She was like another mother to me, as well as spiritual guide, knitter, needlearts lover and wonderful friend. I will miss our hour+ long phone calls, when we could say good by and talk another half hour several times over. She was always ready […]

Who’s on the show today?

Four limos today. This is the line at 11:00 am. On days they tape they usually have several shows a day, so the limos come and go through the day.

New Flag

I guess someones else over at Harpo noticed the flag yesterday too. The other one probably had been ruined from the storm sunday night, some major thunder and lightening, hail and rain. It was so fun to see the lightening shoot across the sky at the Sears Tower and some of the other skyscrapers near […]

Harpo studios

We live next door to Oprah’s studio, contrary to what most people think, it is no easier for me to get tickets than anyone else. On days that they are shooting shows i see lots of limos outside but never know who is in them. I live on the fifth (top floor) of our building […]

the dermis layers

This piece represents the dermis layers of our skin. The funny little wiggly things are our sensory organs, the rest are all the cellular layers above the fatty tissue (not shown). This is approx. 20″x 8″