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Grandnephews x-mas sweater

This is the sweater I just finished for my sister Deb’s grandbaby. I saw the sweater on Wee Wonderfuls blog and thought it was the cutest little kids sweater. The pattern is from Miss Beas Rainy day by Rowan a cute little book that I ended up ordering from Amazon UK, did you know you […]

Arts & Crafts Day is coming

Mark your calendars November 30th is Arts & Crafts Day. The homeschooling daughter of a friend has created this holiday. I think it is one we should all observe, these are her intentions: I made up arts and crafts day so more people would do crafts. Arts and crafts day is a day that you […]

Rules and the creativity limits can bring

What is it about rules that make us want to break them. Rules can be very limiting or totally inspiring. The new rule in the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty contest is “no sharps” meaning nothing sharp on a quilt, due to barbed wire being on a quilt a year ago. And as many […]

Agave Finished

Finally finished the Agave. This and four other quilts will be going to a gallery show in Austin, TX for the month of December.  

Craft fair bummer

Unfortunately we had a terrible rainstorm the night of the craft fair and no one came. All the kids had worked so hard, their table displays looked great. There were some sales made none the less, so the kids weren’t too unhappy. Here is Ty’s origami raindeer and more of Nina’s monsters.

Homeschool Teen Craft Fair

This week I have been helping my kids do the last minute preparations for the teen craft fair this friday. They have been in high production mode and want to make some cash! Ty is selling Origami ornaments. Primarily these sonobe modules and also oragami raindeer. Indigo has created a line of stuffed monster dolls […]

Off to Houston friday

I’m going to the International Quilt Festival for the weekend. To see the show but mostly to hang out with my textile art group gal pals from Texas. I am so proud of Kathy York from Austin who won first place large art with her wonderful quilt Little Cities.