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experiments in trapunto

For the last few years quilts in shows have become more and more heavily quilted. This seems to impress judges. With this quilt I want to do less quilting. (I still want to impress the judges, but this time with painting. I know that may require a small miracle, quilt judges are often not impressed […]

Painting Done!

This is going to be my next quilt “Arbol de Vida”, (tree of life in spanish). I was inspired by those beautiful wood carved painted animals that come from Oaxaca Mexico. This quilt will be aproximately five feet square. it is whole cloth painted (white) cotton.

We interrupt this painting to bring you Pottery

When I lived in Austin TX I spent many years taking pottery classes. I love pottery, wheel throwing and hand building, almost as much as I love to make art quilts. It was a battle of the art forms for many years. I love them both, but there are not enough hours in a day […]

Arm warmers

After 4 starts and stops I have finally made a fingerless glove arm warmer I am happy with. This comes up over Nina’s elbow to keep her arm nice and toasty. Now I need to finish the other one in time for her birthday in two weeks. I have been busy painting my new quilt […]

Sneak Peak

I have started my next big quilt. This one will be five feet square. I have been painting 8-10 hours a day for the last 5 days, half way through my third audio book. Now my schedule is getting a little busier and I am going to have less hours to paint for a while. […]


The quest for just the right skeleton pattern. My daughters birthday is coming up next month and I am going to make her some fingerless glove arm warmers wih a skeleton design on the hand. Growing up in a warm climate has made it very difficult for her to understand that you wear long sleeve […]

Felted Hat

I have had a pattern for a felted hat by Fiber Trends for several years. The other day when I was looking at Jeri Riggs blog I saw the felted hats that she had just made and decided I needed to try one myself.I used Lambs Pride bulky yarn which felted up almost furry. It […]