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The matthew scarf

back detail. pretty on both sides ^_^I just finished this scarf from the book Stahman’s shawls & scarves. I loved the shaping of the neck with the ribbing and then the lace down the length. It is made from Knitpicks Gloss in Woodland sage with size 6 needles. Too bad I have to wait 5 […]

Chicago Antique Market

The last saturday of the month May through October the Chicago Antique Market takes place about 5 blocks west of us. Nina and I went and found some cool stuff. There was some awesome metal cabinetry. I would love to have this. One of these tin ceiling tile mirrors would look great in my downstairs […]

Thinking blogger award

Wow, I have been nominated by Sandy from the blog Garden Path to be the recipient of the thinking blogger award. I am so honored. She has a beautiful blog, if you have never seen it you should visit. She is a nature lover from the state of Maine. She takes the most gorgeous photos […]

May birthday Bash

Sunday was the Chicago School of Fusing May birthday party, hosted by chef and artiste Melody and her husband Dave. These were the fabulous appetizers, you can see more about the food and recipes on Mel’s blogLaura, Frieda and I were the first to arrive and got a good start on the nibblies and a […]

Oprah Live

This morning was the taping of the show. It aired live in Chicago so I have not seen the show yet. I will have to wait until 11 pm tonight to see it. During the taping they showed the previously recorded footage of the party and the landscaped balconies on a big screen, so I […]

Oprah meets her neighbors

Will air live tomorrow (thursday). My neighbors and I are supposed to get in line with the general audience tomorrow at 7 am for the 9 am show. I will let you know what it was like after the show.

7 random things about me

Deborah tagged me, and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write up my list. 1. I designed the mosaic tile dome on the top of FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles. 2. In kindergarten I missed the school bus home because I was too absorbed in […]

What a party!

Where does one begin except with the sad note that NO CAMERAS were allowed! So I will just have to tell you all about it. Okay, I have to add pictures, because I can’t stand to not have pictures on my blog, they just won’t be my pictures. First off I decided not to wear […]

Oprah meets her neighbors

Easter weekend, some people from Oprah’s studios across the street stopped me in my lobby. They said that Oprah wanted to meet her neighbors and that it would be featured on the following Thursdays show. They interviewed several people in our building, including me, and walked through our units with cameras filming. Our place is […]

Rubber Stamps

The other day Dick Blick had a whole display of linoleum blocks and rubber carving blocks. So I had to buy a few of each to play with. I thought I should start easy and carve the softer material first. What the package says is true “cuts like butter”, it is so easy to carve, […]


My sister Deb went home yesterday, after three weeks. It was a very therapeutic visit because we mourned for our Dads passing, made art, shopped for cool new art supplies, went to the Art Institute and hit some good restaurants. Our last project together was to make “grammy” aprons. I bought this fabric from Purl […]

Immigration March

This was the scene from our windows yesterday afternoon. More than 150,000 people marched past for more than one and a half hours, chanting, carrying flags, banners, playing drums and sometimes a few jazzy horns.There were a few people dressed in ethnic clothing and an impressive statue of lady liberty with her head bowed hanging […]