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Vermont Graves

These are graves in Grafton Vermont. There is some fabulous folk art imagery on these stones.I love how many of these stones have so much color. Rust and lichen have given them a lovely patina.This was the gate keeper at the cemetery entrance.

Grafton, Vermont

You know you are in Vermont when you go through a covered bridge and you see a church like this in the middle of town.That is my friend Frances‘ house across the street from the church.This part of the house was built in the 1800’s, the back half was built in the late 1700’s. It […]

Mackworth Island

Every time we are in Portland we go walking on this Island. There is a school for the deaf here and nothing else besides a lovely trail around the island. I think there must be a lot of iron in the rock giving it the most beautiful coloring.

Old Cemeteries

I love walking in old cemeteries, the stones are so beautiful. Making gravestones like these is truly a lost art. I always enjoy reading the names and dates on the stones and wonder what each persons life may have been like. You can imagine Patience would have been an appropriate name for a captains wife […]

Spam Blog?

For some reason blogger flagged my blog as a spam blog and I was unable to post for several days until blogger looked at my blog to confirm that it was a normal blog. I am not sure if this is somehow a result of being listed on blogs of note and getting an extraordinary […]

More Inspiration

I love lichen!and beautiful colored bugs.The wild rose hips by the beach were as red as tomatoes.

Seaside Inspiration

Today we walked along a path through the marsh by the beach. There were so many pretty wildflowers and bugs. The tide was going out as we walked revealing all kinds of treasure.I love the shapes, colors and textures of the different kinds of seaweed and shells.

Headin down east

I am flying to Maine with the kids today. I will be staying with my sister in Portland. We used to go here all the time with my dad when we were little.We will make art, go to the beach,and eat yummy stuff like this.We also will be going to my dads house in Kittery […]

Making stem cells

Since I have not been working on anything but packing and getting ready for our trip I thought I would show the process I used to create these cellular themed pieces last year. First I found an image from the internet of stem cells and printed it out the size I wanted to work. I […]

What’s on the needles

Finished just in time for my trip to Maine. This is the Soleil top from knit with Knitpicks Shine sport. This is the second top I have knit in this pattern. I knit this one in the same size for the bottom half as my previous top but with a smaller size for the […]

Stitches Midwest

Yesterday My daughter Nina and I went to Stitches Midwest. I went because I wanted to fondle yarn, Nina went because she’s a good sport. When we got there we saw all these guys with big bags full of gaming and comic book stuff and found out that Wizard World Chicago was also at the […]

Arbol de Vida makes the cut!

Honestly, I had not been worried about this quilt being accepted until I spoke with several award winning quilters I know who got rejections. I was so surprised hearing that, I started to get a little nervous. I guess it’s always good being humbled, puts things in perspective. I was very relieved when I saw […]

Back to art and quilt related content

This is a 6 inch quilted panel with satin stitched edge. It is painted with textile paints on white cotton fabric and then machine quilted. I made this for a holiday related project. I haven’t decided if I am going to use it or not yet. I just bought these the other day and am […]

Ty is featured on the CRAFTzine blog today!

How cool is this?!!!


Was I surprised to find out about this! There I am at the top of the page!Virginia left a comment on my blog alerting me to the fact that I was listed on bloggers main page. Boy does that explain a lot. I have had sooooo many more comments than usual. I think my site […]

Ty’s interview on NPR

Ty was interviewed by an NPR reporter for a segment on the Eight Forty Eight Show here in Chicago about the Columbia College exhibit; It’s all in the fold. The origami segment was bumped in the schedule 2 times and finally aired today. You can see a photo of Ty holding a tiny crane on […]

It’s all in the details

As deadlines loom closer and I get ready to go out of town next week, I realize I need to finish up a couple things before I go. Like painting the seeds on the pomegranates, I don’t know how I missed doing this when I was painting the quilt, but about a week after I […]

Ty is featured in local paper

Pioneer News hit the newstands today in Chicago, and I have been told Ty has a full page photo on the cover of the newspaper. I have yet to see it myself, but you can see the article online here.

Mitsuwa Grocery

Chicago does not have a Little Tokyo or Japan Town but out in the suburbs there is Mitsuwa Marketplace. It has a full grocery, book store and food court. This is one of my kids favorite places to go. On a recent trip out to the northwest burbs we stopped by. Nina’s loves the book […]

Blog Resdesign

I always look at other peoples blogs and see other features that I like. When I was at the Blogher conference I asked a table of women one morning what is the best blogging platform. They all said WordPress- self hosted. As the day went on and I went to a blogging technology talk, basically […]

Look at this

Quilting Arts just came in the mail. Another lovely issue. I love this cover quilt. Inside is the touching story of the woman who made this quilt. She was a multiple Quilting Arts calendar winner who lost her battle with skin cancer this year. As I did my initial flip though of the magazine, I […]

Now this is what I am talking about

This creative blogging community is so big and beautiful Somerset Studio has decided to make a quarterly magazine dedicated to it. Next year these people need to be at Blogher.Look at all the wonderful blogs represented.I found this on the magazine shelf yesterday in Borders in the computer section.