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Quilting Arts TV Season 2

Pokey and I on set for my segment on painted batting. My episode is going to be 213, the last one of the season. The Quilting Arts staff are a health concious crew. Helen Gregory (editor) and Pokey are taking a break in the green room getting their antioxidents. When I got to the studio […]

The big O’s new store

Recognize those unmistakable O’s on the windows? Thats right Oprah is opening a new store across the street. We took a sneak peak in the windows. It looks like it will be filled with all of her favorite things. We could see shelves of fluffy towels, tea pots and sweaters with a stuffed retriever in […]

Quilting Arts TV

After this hectic month, I am now packing my bags to fly to Ohio to tape another segment on QuiltingArts TV. I will be back on Wednesday and will have photos and news to share. Once this next week is behind me I should be back to blogging regularly again.


I made this tote from some collaged and painted fabric that I made. It is the same technique I used for making the fabric for the houses. There will be an article on making this fabric in the April/May Cloth Paper Scissors.

custom domain drama!

I bit the bullet and bought a custom domain and set it up according to what Blogger says to do and screwed it all up. That is why my blog has not been available the last day or so. I was scared I had lost it forever! The frustrating thing about Blogger is there are […]

Neocolor crayons can work as a resist!

Last night as I lay in bed with total insomnia trying to solve the worlds problems, or atleast my own, a lightbulb went off. In my brain anyways, it occurred to me, if you heat set the crayon drawing first, the wax would melt into the fabric creating a resist. I just did a quick […]

Amazing Rare Things

I have been reading this beautiful book. It is an historical overview of scientific illustrators between the late 1400s and the mid-1700s. This book is filled with illustrations of plants and animals by many different illustrators of these time periods and there are more in depth histories of Alexander Marshal, Maria Sibylla Merian and Mark […]

A little experimenting

Sorry about the soft focus on the photo. I spent some time playing with Cretacolor aquastics the other day. These oil based water soluble crayons color beautifully. They are creamy smooth and vibrant, the color literally glowed on the dark blue fabric. The interesting thing about these is that you can color one color solidly […]

Quilting Arts TV on DVD!

Wow for everyone who is not in the US or who has a lame PBS station that is not fiber friendly, you will be able to buy the whole first season of Quilting Arts TV on DVD. I know QATV is not showing up yet in the Chicago listings. I looked through the next 2 […]