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Houses article part 2- construction!

Hey, the Cloth Paper Scissors issue with the house construction directions is hot off the press. If anyone goes through with making a house, please send me photos, I would love to see what you make.Quilting Arts Workshop DVD’s In other news Quilting Arts has just announced the release of the first 4 workshop DVD’s. […]

Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide?

Have you ever watched the fantastic videos from the TED conferences? There are some really great lectures on a variety of topics on the TED website. I just listened to about a dozen fascinating lectures while painting. Here is a great lecture on Creativity by Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club), I think it is […]

The last Fiesta Ornaments

Things have been busy. My sister Deb has been visiting since the quilt show and you know how you have to got to all those places you don’t normally go except when someone from out of town is with you…I have also been working on two interviews, shuffling kids to activities, shipping quilts to the […]

More Fiesta Ornaments

Finished Fiesta Ornaments

During open studios I sewed the metal on several ornaments, I have been slowly finishing the rest up.This is the ornament I made for the Quilting Arts TV segment. So there will be a pattern and directions on the website when ever the episode is released.These are 3 1/2 inches square. I will post the […]

Fun Festival Pics

Frieda and Tracy. The sisters: Tracy, Deb (my sister), Me and Allison (Tracy’s sister). Helen in the Quilting Arts booth. I love it, my daughter Nina went through a phase when she was a toddler making that same expression in every photo we took. Here’s one of our pictures of Nina making “the face” when […]

Quilting Arts TV again!

This is what I couldn’t tell you about the other day, Quilting Arts TV had a camera crew at the show. I taped a segment making the Fiesta Ornaments. This will be shown sometime during the third or fourth season. I tell ya. it was not easy sewing metal on a sewing machine I have […]

Surviving the Runway

If you have never seen Surviving the Runway at one of the IQA shows you are really missing something wild. This time there was a 70’s disco theme, using authentic 70’s albums to create wearable pieces of art. Here is Pokey with her editors Helen and Barb posing before the class started. Aren’t they cute! […]

Open Studios

Open Studios was filled with so many people doing cool stuff. I wish I had gotten pictures of everybody. Here are just a few of the wonderful artists at work. The darling Lynn Krawczyk incorporates all kinds of interesting objects and images in her art quilts. Here’s Beryl Taylor working on an embellisher making her […]

Make It University

10:30 this morning, just after the show opened, I taught my first class in Make it University on mixed media painted fabric. I condensed a 3 hour class down to one hour, thank goodness there were heat guns available to help dry paint. My fabulous students were troopers keeping up with the fast paced collage […]

Gathering Supplies

All week I have been gathering supplies for teaching two MIU classes, Open Studios and one other Quilting Arts event I will be doing at International Quilt Festival that I don’t think I can talk about yet. It is amazing how much time that takes. The hardest part has been estimating how much paint 25 […]