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Fun with Photoshop

I took these photos yesterday evening in our neighborhood. I have been enjoying taking photos and messing around with the editing in Photoshop. There is so much to learn. Both my kids are really good at using Photoshop and so I often consult them on how to do things.           Yesterday […]

Sears Tower

I took this photo from our window close to sunset. I love the light quality when the sky is dark and cloudy and the sun is breaking through. Everything seems to glow.

This is guaranteed to make you smile

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Hanging with the Chicago School of Fusing

Today the Chicago School of Fusing hung a show at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum that will coincide with an exhibit from Quilt National. It was a fun morning with lots of laughter, gorgeous quilts and flying hammers. Followed by lunch chatting about blogging, teaching and traveling in this new economy where airlines are unstable […]

A Bronze at Cannes!

My husbands Ad “Muffin top” for Lifesavers won a Bronze Lion at Cannes!

I Love Looking at Bugs

When my son was little he adored bugs. For him, moving to Texas was like taking up residence in an exotic zoo. Every day there was an encounter with something new to put in his bug box and study. There is so much variety in the shapes, colors and textures that insects come in, I […]

Weekend skies

Saturday SundayWe had buckets of rain come down a couple times today. The second time the clouds opened up while the sun was still shining in the late afternoon. When it stopped there was a great big rainbow in the dark sky right over the Sears Tower.

Great info on blogging

Today I came across a fun Aussie blog Meet Me at Mikes for crafters, lots of good stuff to see here! For long time bloggers and new bloggers there are always questions about it. Pip has written a great series of posts on blogging from creating a blog to blogging etiquette, excellent advice, check it […]

Beautiful Rust

This was the back end of a truck parked in the neighborhood. Gorgeous color palette, I love the bubbly texture and layers of chipped metal.

Announcing my new blog for techniques

My new blog Painted Threads Projects will be an archive for projects originally posted here on Painted Threads. It is a place to go to see step out photos with descriptions on various projects that I have done. These are blog posts that have been consolidated by project, including comments with questions and answers relating […]

Mix-up Mixed Media DVD

Many of you pre-ordered my Mixed Media Painted Fabric workshop DVD from Quilting Arts and received it this week. Thank you! Evidently there was a mix up in production and the DVD was mislabeled. So if you watched it and it wasn’t what you were expecting, it is because the DVD that you received was […]

World Naked Bike Ride

Lovely evening for a naked bike ride through the city.

What a loss we have had today

The Explainer in ChiefI am shocked and so sad that we have lost Tim Russert. Sunday mornings will never be the same. My ritual is to make a cup of tea, pull out the knitting while everyone else in the house is still asleep and watch Meet the Press. This is such a huge loss […]

What I’ve been listening to

Often while I work I listen to audio books. I am able to get through so many more books than I would if I tried to read them all. This is multitasking of the best kind. I think painting or quilting must engage a different part of my brain than listening to books, making both […]

Oprah meets her neighbors repeat

I just saw a commercial for the “Oprah meets her neighbors” episode taped last May (2007). It is going to be shown on Wednesday. Our neighbors down the hall had a party that Oprah came to and was featured on that episode. The second half of the show features the balcony renovations in the building […]

Playing with tea bags and more

The paper on the top left with letters is a kimwipe, the one on the right is a large black tea bag for making iced tea. The white paper below is a tea bag from hibiscus tea, the bottom two dark tea bags I left the tea dry in the bag for several days before […]

The Micro Car Museum

I am thrilled each time I see another Smart car on the road here in Chicago. I really think the American car companies need to take a look at these cool cars for some inspiration. One would hope the last 20+ years of monstrously over-sized gas guzzling vehicles are coming to an end. Gas is […]

The Class is Full!

Wow what a great response! The class is now full. Thanks! These first brave souls are my guinea pigs. I will run the class again after this session ends. If you would like me to put your name on a list to be notified the next time around, send me an email and put Next […]

New online Color Theory class

When I asked if people would be interested in taking a color theory workshop, several people showed interest and asked if I would do an online class.Well I did my homework and have created my first online class. Here’s the official class description: Did you know the color choices you make can transform an average […]

The Tale of How

You need to visit the site of the Blackheart Gang to see a wonderful short film “The Tale of How” created by 3 talented artists pooling their time in a true labor of love. The animation is fantastic, you can watch the making of “The Tale of How” to see how they achieved the amazing […]