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The Janome free motion quilting foot

I bought the new free motion quilting foot for my Janome 6600 sewing machine while I was making this quilt. What prompted me to buy this new foot was some bobbin tension problems I was having with my machine. I was using one of my favorite bobbin threads, Superior Bottom Line, and I think it […]

Label done

I designed my label by taking parts of my original drawing and combining it with the quilt info in photoshop. I printed the design out on paper and laid a piece of white fabric over it and traced it with a fine Prismacolor pen. I filled in the drawing with the Prismacolor pen and a […]

Better Photos of Moon Garden

I went to the photographer yesterday and had the quilt shot, I had him photograph the back too. I still have to do the label, but at least I now have a jpeg to send in with the show entry form.

New Workshop DVD hot off the press

My workshop DVD Painting Fabric for Wholecloth Quilts is now for sale at Quilting Arts. This DVD gives information on using textile paints, mixing color, painting demonstrations for glazing, painting smooth gradations, details and more. When you buy the DVD you can also download a copy of this bird illustration that I paint during the […]

The big reveal

I am finally at the point when I feel comfortable showing the latest quilt. I sort of feel some strange superstition that if I show too much too soon, it will be doomed to failure. I never really know if it will come out how I want it to, until the very end. Sorry, the […]

Air show practice

This weekend is the Air and Water show in Chicago. In preparation for the show Army and Navy jets do low flyovers in formation over our building on their way to the lake for two days of practice. It is really hard to photograph them because they are so fast, when you look where the […]

Sign up now for the next online Color Theory Class

The next Color Theory Class is ready to go, it’s a six week course beginning September 1st. Did you know the color choices you make can transform an average piece of artwork into something spectacular? Be surprised and delighted by the effects and illusions you can create by understanding the mysteries of color. In this […]

Barack is never gonna give you up

OK I have tried to avoid posting any political type stuff, but this is too cute.

Atlanta Airport Exhibit

As I sat in the Atlanta airport Monday morning waiting for the thunderstorms in the mid-west to die down enough for my flight to take off, I happened to come across this fabulous little exhibit. How cool to see a few Jane Burch Cochran quilts up close. That was a great distraction from the frustration […]

What a storm!

(Photo by Pete Stasiewicz / August 4, 2008 Chicago Tribune) I am back, but boy what a night! The tornado sirens went off downtown at 8pm and we ran down 5 flights of stairs to get to the basement garage to ride out the storm. I lived in Texas for 6 years and thought I […]