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Make it University Houston

I think we will all be making a lot more gifts this year with the present state of our economy. I don’t know about you, but our budget’s pretty tight these days. These felted and stitched wool ornaments are a fun economical gift to make. You can find the directions in the new Quilting Arts […]

Have you registered to vote?

This is so important, evidently 4 out of 10 women are not registered to vote in the US. If you have not registered please register here and help us change the direction of this countries politics. Remember – friends don’t let friends get to November 4th without being registered to vote!

Dyeing with RIT

A month or two ago I mentioned that I had done a project for RIT dye for Quilting Arts TV. I actually made three projects for the RIT representative to use on the show because I had too many different ideas to stop at one. They taped the show at the end of August and […]

Photo of a rose

This is the original photo.Using Photoshop I cropped the photo, created two duplicate layers of the image and made adjustments to each. I increased the saturation, adjusted the contrast, selected individual colors and adjusted them for color and saturation, then erased parts of one layer to reveal parts of the other layer.With this photo I […]

Nina’s Hearts

My daughter Nina has been making Sculpy hearts. They range in size from about 3/4″ across to 1 1/2″. I think they are so cool.

A Rose

Sometimes I think flowers can be more beautiful as they droop and dry out, curling, twisting and changing color.

New Debbie Bliss Knitting

This is a beautiful new knitting magazine to hit the store shelves. I found several patterns in here I would love to knit. Interweave knits has been one of my favorites for years, but the majority of the knit wear in the last several issues have not appealed to me at all. Frankly many of […]

Blue Vessel

After making the first vessel I realized that I needed to change a few things in the construction process. I used a fused hinge method to put the base on this new vessel. This was the method I used making the Dream Houses. It made construction much easier with less bending of the panels when […]

Quilting Arts Gifts 2008

Remember last years Quilting Arts gifts? This year the gifts issue is bigger and better than ever. It is packed with great projects. Look at that table of contents, two pages of holiday goodness! I wrote an article for making my felted wool ornaments. You can see them hanging on the tree in the photo […]


For sometime I have wanted to try making some vessels. I have several ideas I want to explore. Besides trying different shapes, I of course want to include metal. I suppose it would have made sense to make one without adding metal first to try and work out the logistics of how to put one […]

Beautiful student work following my workshop in Atlanta

I just received a wonderful email from Marty Young, who was a student in my Mixed Media Painted Fabric workshop in Atlanta. Look at the fabulous project she made using her fabric. Marty says “I made an apron for my loyal guild library assistant …using the mixed media fabric for applique and fusing and machine […]