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International Quilt Festival

I voted early today to avoid the potential lines on November 4th and my daughter got to vote for the first time today too. What an exciting time to vote. Lets hope we see none of the antics of the last election. I am leaving for Houston in the morning and will be back on […]

The New Quilting Arts book

I just got a copy of The Quilting Arts book. Wow, it covers all you need to know about making art quilts written by Pokey Bolten and an amazing line up of contributing artists. You can see all the chapters and contributors on the table of contents and a sneak peak of several pages by […]

Sewing Metal

I know some people might be afraid to sew metal on their sewing machine, so to dispel any fears I thought I would make a short video demonstrating how I sew metal on my Fiesta Ornaments. If you double click on the vidcast, it will bring you to the youtube site where you can click […]

Whahoo PIQF!

Arbol de Vida won 3rd place Innovative,and Moon Garden won an Honorable Mentionat Pacific International Quilt Festival, happening this weekend in California.

Walking home from the “bean”

I love scenes like this, classic Chicago. This is the view looking west from Millennium Park, when we leave the park we walk directly west on this street to get to our place. I think it is so interesting when you see these Gothic style church spires poking up in the middle of all the […]


Every year Wired magazine sponsors a show of future technology called Nextfest. This year it is in Chicago at Millennium Park, what an awesome show! I would love to see so much this technology used now. This is the description from the website: WIRED NextFest is the premier showcase of the global innovations transforming our […]

Interesting Paint

These paints are called Polished Pigments, I bought them on the Quilting Arts shop website. I first saw these being used by mixed media artist Bernie Berlin at IQF Chicago in Open Studios. This is an interesting product, you buy small containers of metallic powder and a clear paint medium to mix it with. You […]

Art Walk in the Westloop

This weekend was the Fulton Art Walk in our neighborhood. We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with some great art galleries. When we finished visiting our favorite galleries on Saturday it was late afternoon and getting chilly so we stopped at a coffee shop to get some tea and listened to a […]

Making Felted Balls

To make the ornaments shown in Quilting Arts Gifts, you need to make felted wool balls or you can buy pre-felted balls from the Artgirlz or Quilting Arts. I like to make felted balls myself because I can have fun playing with colors and shapes. How to make the felted balls is explained in the […]