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New Postcards

Last week I got an email from Overnight Prints advertising small quantities of business cards and post cards. The 4″ x 6″ postcards started at $4.95 for 25, so I figured that was cheap enough to try out several designs. The last time I tried to print postcards they came out too dark and I […]

Quilting Arts TV

While at quilt festival last week I taped another segment for Quilting Arts TV demonstrating painting with Tsukineko All Purpose Inks and aloe vera gel.

The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry

Another fabulous Ted talk. I have a fascination with many scientific and mathematical ideas, although many times I have a hard time grasping the full concepts, none the less when there is an overlap of scientific and artistic ideas it so interesting. I am probably especially drawn to these kind of things because my dad […]

Living next to Oprah

I live next to Harpo studios in Chicago, generally it is fairly quiet around here with the occasional squeals of excited woman in brightly colored clothing. This week there were a couple of groups trying to get Oprah’s attention. On tuesday evening when it was chilly and damp there was a spontaneous concert on the […]

Surviving the Runway 80’s Prom night

The best Surviving the Runway yet happened at Festival this weekend. Prom Night got under way at 5:30 Saturday night, what a blast we had. Laura Wasilowski was the official judge who had the difficult job of choosing the winners of the tiara making contest. To get into proper 80’s attire, one must have hair […]

Make it University Chicago

On Saturday and Sunday I taught a project for Make it University called Metal Magic. This project gave participants the opportunity to try out Lesley Riley’s transfer paper TAP (I pre-printed it with images from my paintings), hand sewing canvas to aluminum metal, embossing and cutting the metal with decorative scissors and painting grungeboard, a […]

Open Studios

Thursday I taught Tsukineko inks, it was a three hour class that ended just as the show opened, so people flew out the door and I never got any pictures. After my class finished, I packed things up and headed for Make it University. I worked in Open Studios embossing the copper cover for my […]

Painting Whole Cloth Fabric Class at Quilt Festival

Friday I was thrilled to have a full class of 25 wonderful painting students, what a great class. Everyone worked enthusiastically applying paint to fabric while learning to control the flow of the paint, make smooth gradations of color, work with paint mediums for glazing among many other things.So many beautiful paintings…I would like to […]

Surviving the Runway Chicago

If you have been on the fence about coming to Quilt Festival in Chicago, you need to think long and hard about missing Surviving the Runway this year on Saturday night. Quilting Arts editor Pokey Bolton always has something up her sleeve planning this extremely fun event, this year is going to be really wild […]

Make It University

This year, I will be doing two MIU workshops during International Quilt Festival called Metal Magic, the first workshop will be Saturday at 4pm, right before Project Runway at 5:30 and the second one will be Sunday at 12:00. This project will give participants the opportunity to try out Lesley Riley’s transfer paper TAP (I […]

A pill for good health and some wonderful student work

March was one long series of illnesses in my house, I really hope that April brings some fresh air and sunshine, I could really use it. I managed to stay healthy the entire month taking care of sick kids, now it is taking it’s toll and I am struggling to fight off a cold. Yesterday, […]