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The Irrepressible Robbi

Bonnie has done another wonderful interview, this time with Robbi Joy Eklow. You can see Robbi’s engineer mind at work here as she shows how she squares up her huge quilts. Brilliant!

An evening bike ride

We heard some whoops and cheers around 6 tonight and looked out the window to see hundreds of people on bikes. They went rolling by for about 15 minutes. It was so fun seeing all the different kinds of bikes and other modes of wheeled transportation. This was my favorite.

Sewing plastic bags

That’s right, I am sewing plastic bags. I am putting kits together for my MIU Metal Magic workshop for Long Beach. In the kits I include 4 mini brads with all the other supplies. During my last workshop a few people lost a brad when opening the kit.I looked to see if I had some […]

Houston Quilt Festival

Look what just came in the mail, are you going?I will be teaching two classes this year and you can find them listed in this part of the catalog. Thursday is the Mixed Media Fabric classand each student will get to choose one of these kits to work’s an example of how one student […]

Prepping for MIU

Next month I am going to International Quilt Festival Long Beach. I am so excited to check out the show, I haven’t been to this one yet, and visit friends on the west coast. I will be teaching two workshops in Make It University, Fanciful Felted Fruits and Metal Magic. If you really like stitching […]

Busy with not much to show for it.

Isn’t summer supposed to be that time when we pull out those lazy days “summer reading” books and lounge around sipping iced tea? Here in Chicago it is overcast and rainy, a little cool, and I have had too much to do. My son is taking a really great cultural anthropology class that has had […]

Beautiful Rusty Things in the Neighborhood

There seems to be a lot of copper and iron around Chicago. The metal work is so colorful, with the iron colored from golden ocher to almost aubergine and the copper taking on lovely green and turquoise patinas with some soft mauve tones as well. Even the concrete sidewalks become stained with color. I love […]


In Chicago there are so many interesting colorful rusty metal and concrete things with such lovely aged patinas. I often forget to bring my camera along with me when walking, but yesterday Nina reminded me about using the cell phone, duh, why don’t I think of these things, I guess that’s why we have kids. […]

Playing with TAP

TAP, Transfer Artist Paper, is a coated paper that you put in your computer printer and print images onto, then you can cut out the images and iron them onto another surface; fabric, paper etc. One happy accident I had while transferring images to organza was that if you have fabric underneath the organza the […]