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Looks like Oprah’s back

I looked off the balcony just now to see what the noise was and noticed the O show obviously has started taping the new season. These are all the happy audience members grabbing cabs after the show. You can see by the price on the parking lot sign across the street why many take cabs. […]

Thyroid Hell

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, because I haven’t had a lot of art making going on. It has been a rough year in many ways, that I won’t go into now, but one of the issues I have been dealing with lately, probably affects a lot of others too, so I will […]

Seeing color theory in life

SPLIT COMPLIMENTSThis week at the grocery I saw these bright and fun flowers that I couldn’t resist, how can you say no to bright yellow daisies with green centers and limey green and red-violet mums.This is a great example of a split complimentary color scheme; red violet, yellow and green. Split compliments consist of a […]

Innovations in Textiles 8

I am getting so excited, I will be teaching two workshops and giving a lecture in conjunction with Innovations in Textiles 8 in St. Louis next month (September 17-20) for the Missouri Fiber Artists. This looks like an amazing event with textile exhibits and workshops that span several months: Innovations in Textiles is a biennial […]

Sign up now for the next online Color Theory class

The next class begins September 8 and ends November 8th. If you would like more info or to join the class send me an email following the link on the class description page.

Coming soon to a book store near you!

Ricë Freeman-Zachery who wrote Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists has written a new book that is due to come out very soon called Creative Time and Space. This is what the editorial review says about the book:   “With a fresh approach and an A-list group of contributing artists, Creative […]

Cool new pencil box from Little Tokyo

When ever we go to Los Angeles one thing we can not miss is a trip downtown to Little Tokyo, on a quest for paper, cool new pens and pencils and books. Our favorite drink is green tea Boba with soft sweet tapioca balls, many places refer to this drink as bubble tea, but in […]