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Trees done, I think

I got in a couple hours of painting time today and finished up the trees. As the painting progresses there is always the possibility that they will need further tweaking, but they are done enough to move on to something else. Now I had to drive the boy child to a party up in Evanston, […]

7 hours didn’t get me very far

I painted 4 hours in the afternoon and 3 hours in the evening and have still not finished the leaves. The leaves are now being painted with opaque paints with a fair amount of white mixed in.  I am using opaque paints because I need that opacity to paint on the dark green backgrounds. After […]

New Work in Progress

I am starting another whole cloth painted quilt for an exhibit and am panicking a little because I don’t have a lot of time left to make it and I have to use a specific fabric which I only have enough to do this once. Normally I never show any work in progress, I always […]

The Woman in Orange

Who is this amazing looking woman in orange making such a striking figure at festival? Well it is none other than Ricë Freeman-Zachery the author of Creative Time and Space a wonderful new book that I am thrilled to have been included in. We finally ran into each other Saturday night at the end of […]

Surviving the Runway Houston 09

One week ago, the place to be at 5:30 Saturday night was the Make It University class area at International Quilt Festival, Houston. If you are a fan of Project Runway, this can be your way to have a little taste of the excitement, creativity and sheer chaos, that happens when competing for some excellent […]

Group art making in the wee hours

On Wednesday Leslie and Jamie ran to Texas Art Supply and picked up some fun after hours art supplies, which included a two yard piece of primed canvas, various sponge and paint brushes and acrylic paints. After dinner we gathered in their room in our jammies and started painting. No theme, just put some color […]

Painting Whole Cloth Fabric

Saturday I taught whole cloth painted fabric, I was surprised to find I had 30 students instead of 25. Thirty is a really large number of students for this kind of class, I felt like I was at a bit of a disadvantage here, trying to give everybody individual attention and needing to do double […]

We are a sophisticated group

Rachel Perris, Leslie Jenison, Jamie Fingal, Melly Testa and Frances Alford. I think Jamie is calling on the forces of the great spoon Goddess. Iris Karp of Mistyfuse struggled to make a spoon stay on her nose, but after repeated attempts she finally had success, which we decided must have been attributed to her use […]

Festival: where to begin…

It has taken me a couple days to catch up with life enough to start writing a blog post about our adventures in Houston. I have been to Festival every year for the last 13 years, this trip was a lot of fun but way more exhausting than any trip I have ever taken. Teaching […]

Moon Garden won a ribbon at festival!

My quilt Moon Garden has won an honorable mention in the painted category at International Quilt Festival. If you are at festival make sure you ask someone to show you the back of the quilt, so you can see all the hidden images quilted into the background. I probably won’t have time to post until […]

Toasty soft handwarmers

With the instant arrival of fall and obvious signs of winter I have been finishing up projects started last year and thinking about new ones. I like to have a lot of hand warmers around because when the weather starts getting really cold and I need full coverage outside I will wear these inside. I […]

Misyfuse buttons at Festival

When you are at Festival be sure to head over to Mistyfuse, booth 957.  Iris has made some cool buttons with different artquilts on them. This one has my quilt Arbol de Vida. There are also buttons with the work of Pamela Allen, Jamie Fingal, Yvonne Porcella and Eserita Austin. It will be hard to […]

Be seen on The Quilt Scene!

On Tuesday my daughter Nina and I will be going to International Quilt Festival for lots of fun and creative adventures and our first stop will be the Quilting Arts booth 1244, to be seen on the Quilt Scene! On preview night (Wednesday) I will be doing Open Studios from 7:30-9:30, next to Make it […]

Must Have Cardigan Finished!

With the arrival of fall and cold weather, I decided to pick up the sweater that I started last year and finished it just in time for the chilly mornings we are getting here in Chicago. The best part about this sweater besides the soft cotton yarn from Knitpicks is the fact that it actually […]

Signs of fall in Michigan

This weekend my son and I went on a teen retreat with several other families in Michigan. The weather was cold and rainy, but there were wonderful breaks in the rain for peaceful walks with camera in hand. I really enjoy living in downtown Chicago, but I do miss the sound of crickets, rustling leaves […]

Maggie demonstrates thermofax

Bonnie McCaffrey has made another fabulous vidcast. Click on Bonnie’s name to go to her website and watch this very informative demo with the ever delightful Maggie Weiss, you won’t be dissappointed. Just watching this makes me want a thermofax too!