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Dyeing silk with Rit

I am working on a project right now, sorry I can’t tell you about it, you’ll have to wait until summer before I can talk, but anyways, I have been dying silk dupioni and rayon-silk velvet with Rit dye. Holy cow the color is amazing. The silk dupioni dyes beautifully. The velvet is insanely rich […]

3 of Swords – Still working through it…

Each day gets a little better and then I get hit with a wopper every now and then that sets me back. Today has been a hard day but mostly because I am feeling overwhelmed by my daughters on going health problems and the health insurance issues that go with it. I can handle an […]

Yipee! Take These Broken Wings has won!

My quilt Take these Broken Wings won grand prize in the Lark Books “Quilt it” contest! You can see its construction here.

The UnValentine Party

Last night a group of friends came over for an artist play date that of course also had a menu of yummy food and drink, because we need to feed our tummies as well as our souls. The majority of us belong to the broken hearts club right now, but our newbie Sara who I […]

Slow Cloth

There is a wonderful article by Elaine Lipson explaining Slow Cloth on the Hand/Eye magazine website. Check it out!


I had a great time in Dallas this last weekend, sorry it has taken me a while to get to writing a blog post about it, but the last several days have been pretty hard. I have felt so scattered lately, I was really happy I managed to remember to bring everything I needed to […]

Off to Dallas mañana

Today is my daughter Nina’s 20th birthday, it is so hard to believe she is now officially out of her teen years. How can that much time have flown by? I am off to Dallas in the morning to give a lecture and teach a couple workshops with the Dallas Quilt guild. I am looking […]

3 of Swords – Working through some stuff

I am having a really hard time in my personal life right now which has lead to some sleepless nights. The other night at 2 am, I pulled out a large piece of cotton batting and started pouring lots of diluted red textile paint on it which was left over from a bunch of almost […]