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An Ornamental Fiesta

At Create I got to teach one of my favorite classes making Fiesta ornaments. I saw several mother daughter teams at Create, what a fabulous time they always seemed to have together. You know why this woman has such a huge grin? She had never painted before, aren’t her ornaments fantastic? I love having teachers […]

Create Artist Fair

The Artist Fair at Create was pretty amazing, much bigger than I thought it would be with artists selling there wares and lots of mixed media booths loaded with ephemera and bits and pieces of rusty things, game pieces, little bottles and fibers. It was so crowded in the beginning it was hard to see […]

Tea & Ephemera

In the evening I taught Tea & Ephemera, this was a new class for me, so there are always so many things I learn the first time through. I had originally proposed it as a 6 hour class but gave the option of a 3 hour class and that is what got picked. Well, there […]

Create Teacher reception

Pokey and Jenn threw a lovely teacher reception for all the teachers at Create in the late afternoon. Pokey, Beryl Taylor, Natalya Aikens Jenn Mason, Leslie Jennisen, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer Jeannie Moore, Jane Davila, Leighanna Light, Natalya Thanks Pokey and Jenn!

Create: Interweave’s new retreat is a total success!

The turn out for classes has been great, from what I have heard it exceeded Interweave’s expectations. I have heard they are definitely doing it again next year, time and location is yet to be determined. So if you didn’t make it this year, get ready for next year, you won’t want to miss it! […]

Cool collage stuff

When I was in California I went into a Chinese market and found a bunch of cool paper products that would be great for collage. All the paper is very thin and light weight, some are printed with one color designs and some are very colorful. A few have gold and silver foil squares and […]

Step aside Jamie Lee Curtis,

there’s a new probiotic drink in town (that actually tastes good). A friend of mine just did this commercial for Yokult, it’s pretty cute, check it out.

Remember this?

Well, now I can tell you that this detail shot is from a tree skirt I designed and made for the new Quilting Arts Gifts magazine. This tree skirt was made like a whole cloth painted quilt, but it could also be made by applique if that is the way you like to work. This […]

2 of my favorite people are going to have a conversation and we all get to listen…

My friend Tracie Lyn Huskamp of The Red Door Studio, is going to be on Art And Soul Radio, Monday night at 6 pm, central time. The lovely and talented mixed media artist Lesley Riley is a new host on blog talk radio, this discussion with Tracie about her work, process and up coming projects […]

Bamboo bicycles: the new rage, who knew?

I posted this photo yesterday of a bamboo bike I saw in Davis and then this morning, what synchronicity, when I was reading the latest issue of Hand Eye magazine I see this article on bamboo bicycles! You can even take classes to build your own.

Davis, CA

I spent a week in Davis, California at my mom’s last week and loved the warm dry days, the cool mornings and fruit growing in the yard. I am in love with the produce section of the grocery stores there. People in CA, I hope you appreciate it! I get so frustrated by the lack […]

IQA Journal Profile

I am so honored to be profiled in the Summer issue of the International Quilt Association Journal. It means so much to me to be recognized by this amazing organization. Thanks IQA!

Create Retreat $15 Class Discount!

The Create retreat is just a few weeks away. There are still spaces in several classes and you can now get a $15 discount off the price if you sign up for a class now. Also, if you are unable to use the discount you can gift your discount to a friend. Just have your […]

Di Rosa Preserve Napa, California

I am back in Chicago now trying to catch up with everything after being gone for two weeks. I loved being back in California, spending two weeks there made me realize how much I miss living there. Friday, last week my parents took my son and I to the Di Rosa Preserve. This facility is […]

International Quilt Festival Long Beach: Day 3

Saturday I taught painted fabric for whole cloth quilts. This tends to be a very focused skills based class covering different painting techniques to create gradations of color, glazing paint, working with masks and painting fine details. After my class finished, I high tailed it down to the show floor for the highlight of festival; […]