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International Quilt Festival Houston

I am so excited Festival is next week, I can hardly wait! Although, I really do need time to pack, you have no idea how much teachers have to bring. Thank you Southwest for 2 free bags! Even though it’s a ton of work to prepare for, Festival is the highlight of my year, I […]

Trying to squeeze in a little time for painting

In between getting ready for Houston next week and the necessities of daily life, I have been trying to get in a little time for making art by painting some Fiesta Ornaments. My good friend Frieda, put in an order with me for Christmas, so I need to get crackin and finish these up. I […]

My first DVD review!

Wow, I just got my first review of my new DVD and I haven’t even seen it yet! Relentless Toil said…   The DVD arrived last night. WELL DONE! You sounded and looked fabulous, confident, and well at ease. And oh, how I wish I could see more of your quilts in person.   I have […]

Felted Dia De Los Muertos skulls

Jennifer from Canada left a comment on my felted pumpkin post asking about the stitching on the skulls so I thought I would post a few close ups to show how I stitched mine. I think one could really do any kind of colorful stitching and they would look great.

Design, Paint & Stitch DVD Preview

Interweave has just posted a preview of my new DVD Design, Paint & Stitch. You have no idea how hard it is to watch yourself on these things, lol! Here’s the promo info: Add paint to your quilt with an array of painting techniques! After providing a brief overview of the materials she uses, award-winning […]

Making felted pumpkins tutorial

To make felted pumpkins you will need: wool roving, yarn, pantyhose, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, and scissors. You can also make little day of the dead skulls too, by making white felted balls adding black felt eyes and stitch nose, mouth and decorative designs like flowers and x’s with colorful embroidery floss. By the way, […]

The tutorials continue with How to Make a Tie

Check out Alma Stollers new tute on making a tie.

and a journal tutorial with Tracie

Check out Tracie Lynn Huskamps new tutorial on adding nature to your journal.

Learn to cut plexiglass

Several months ago I scoured the internet looking for directions on how to cut plexiglass when I wanted to make some stamps and had such a hard time finding good instructions. Melly Testa has a great tutorial on cutting it with directions to make your own foam stamps.

Have you ever wanted to make beaded fringe?

Lyric Kinard has a great step by step tutorial, check it out.

Kits, kits, kits….

I keep thinking that I am almost ready for International Quilt Festival in Houston, when I realize there is so much more to do. It would be nice to have some time for art making, but right now it is all about putting kits together, and getting organized for Open Studios. I am doing something […]

Great New Mixed Media Tutorial by Jane LaFazio

Jane is a master at the artst sketchbook journal, she has a wonderful new tutorial showing how she creates her lovely drawn and painted layered images using Golden absorbent ground. See Jane’s tutorial.

Coming Soon!

Really, I always feel a little shy when it comes to promoting stuff like this, it’s so hard to toot your own horn, but I taped a new DVD with Interweave when I was in Cleveland last month. It is due to hit the store shelves in a couple weeks. Below is the outside cover […]

Good Friends + Good Food = Good Times

With busy summer schedules a potluck feast with friends was long overdue. It started with lots of appetizers; kalmatas and green olives, hummus, lovely spicy sweet tangy peppadews, brie wrapped with puff pastry and chutney and another appetizer I threw together at the last minute from epicurious using the rest of the puff pastry filled […]

My Christmas tree skirt pattern is now available on the Quilting Arts site

For those of you who bought the new Quilting Arts gifts magazine and want to make the deer Christmas tree skirt, there is a pdf of the pattern available for download on the Quilting Arts website, that you can print out and tape together.