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Dyeing for some recipes

For the last week I have been creating new color dye recipes using Rit to match some of the 2011 Pantone Fashion colors for Spring and Fall that Rit does not presently have in their color formula guide, but will be adding soon. I also spent some time mixing a few new colors using Rit’s […]

Preparing for my first teaching gig of the year

After living in Chicago for 5 years, I feel bad admitting, I have not seen very much of the mid west, If I am not getting on a plane to some distant location, I am usually trying to get in a little bit of time to make new work and playing catch up for my […]

Felted Eggs

While I was poking around on  Pinterest I saw quite a few pretty dyed eggs and thought it might be fun to make some felted eggs. After all they aren’t going to spoil between now and Easter 🙂 It might be fun to also add some decorative stitching with embroidery floss and adding some cut out […]

Houston International Quilt Festival 2011

Between delayed blizzard mail and working on several writing projects I am finally getting around to announcing my classes for International Quilt Festival in Houston this year. I am so excited to tell all the people who tried to get into my Tsukineko Inks class in Houston last fall but didn’t, that I am teaching […]

One was a huge success!!!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated to this worthy cause! Virginia’s goal was to raise $8000 for the American Cancer Society and the One auction managed to bring in a whopping $9817 in 6 hours!!!  Bravo to Virginia for organizing, the artists for contributing their time and artwork and the generous people […]

Tomorrow is ONE!

Bluebird Virginia Spiegal is lending her fund raising expertise once again to the American Cancer Society with a one day mixed media fiber art auction Wednesday February 16th. This year the auction means so much more for many of us fiber art lovers, with our dear friend Melly Testa battling the big C herself. Please […]

Start a Conversation

Wanting to share a little Valentine’s Day love, I decided to sew up some conversation hearts for the special people in my life. I stamped endearments on felt and cut a paper heart to use as a template for cutting them out. Each heart was stuffed with a smaller heart of wool batting and stitched […]

How nice when friends come to town

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my friend Lyric Kinard who happened to be giving a lecture that evening in the suburbs of Chicago at the Riverwalk quilt guild in Naperville. How could I resist not taking a drive out there when she was here all the way from North Carolina. […]

It’s February and I sure hope that groundhog is right!

I have been so busy the last couple weeks working on 3 writing projects. One of them included shooting and editing video for an issue of Quilting Arts In Stitches. If you are unfamiliar with Interweave’s cool new emag, check out this review on Crafty Pod to get a good idea of what it’s like. […]