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Sign up for Create before it’s too late!

Interweave’s Create Retreat is fast approaching and classes are filling up! The retreat is going to be located in Lisle, Illinois, which is a suburb southwest of Chicago. You can fly into Midway (a smaller airport) or O’Hare, it’s about the same distance from either. I will be teaching two classes: Painting Fabric for Whole Cloth Quilts and […]

A little fun in St Paul

The last class I taught in St. Paul was Tea and Ephemera, I have to apologize for not having photos, but it was a long week with four full day classes and the day ended before I realized I hadn’t taken any photos. (I’ll have lots more photos next month when I teach in California) […]

St Paul Day 3: Metal Workshop

free motion quilting designs were this students inspiration for the peice with the leaves My third class in St. Paul was Heavy Metal Play Day, I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to teach this class after planning it almost 2 years ago. The first half of the class we concentrated on working […]

Tsukineko All Purpose Inks in St. Paul

My Tsukineko Inks class was a large one with 25 students. In this class I teach two different techniques for applying the inks to fabric.  In the first half of the class we use a dry brush method with the Fantastix applicators that are dipped into the ink. Using the Fantastix pen tools are kind […]

Day 1 in St. Paul, what a week!

Last Tuesday, I drove 400 miles from Chicago, IL to St Paul, MN, the longest road trip I have driven by the way, to teach 4 classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference. It was a wonderful show put on by an all volunteer committee, very impressive! Nina, my daughter and class assistant, painting […]

Hitting the road to St. Paul

I have been busy for the last week, packing supplies for teaching 4 classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference this week. I have never been to Minnesota before so I am looking forward to seeing a little more of the midwest. Now add to this pile 2 more suitcases for clothes for me and Nina […]

ATC’s for MIU

The other day Pokey posted photos of ATC‘s (artist trading cards) on Facebook, that she made for MIU (Make It University).  I love her fly ATC and would love to make a trade with her for one, so I made a bunch for the Trading Post wall in Long Beach at International Quilt Festival. Leslie Jenisen, Me, […]

Have you always wanted to paint but don’t know where to start?

Oh Deer, Look What’s Become of Me!   detail In August I am teaching one of my favorite classes Painting Imagery for Art Quilts at the Create Retreat in Lisle, Illinois, just outside Chicago. I love to teach this class not only because I love to paint, but also because I love seeing peoples amazement when […]

Triple Inspiration!

Last month Jane La Fazio taught a lesson to her monthly art quilt class using teabags, similar to the work I have done collaging them on fabric.  One of her students, Susie Zolghardri, had also been reading Carla Sonheim’s book and did some cat drawings, using a pillow as the support below the drawings to get […]

Homemade Whoopie Pies!!!!

It was pouring rain, nothing to do outside on a sunday afternoon, so Nina had the brilliant idea of trying to make whoopie pies. These are a treat that anyone growing up in New England would have fond memories of. It is like a chocolate cake sandwich with creamy filling. A box cake mix would […]