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It’s that time again!

On All Hallows Eve, I fly to Houston for a week at International Quilt Festival. With so much luggage I will have to skip the broom this time and travel by more traditional methods on Southwest airlines. To get into the swing of things Monday night, Indigo and I will be having dinner with a coven […]

8 of cups

While trying to gain perspective on things, the card that turned up most often as an outcome in tarot readings was the 8 of cups. It expresses exactly how I feel and has helped me realize I need to be more assertive in taking control of my life.  Being a tea drinker, using tea cups […]

Drowned iphone resurrection

On saturday my iphone took a plunge, so  in an effort to bring it back to life I put it in a bag of rice for two days to dry out, then plugged it into my computer to see if it would work. It turned on, but then the battery only lasted 15 minutes before dying. […]

Making progress in life and art

This is my initial drawing on fabric as the base for my painting. I started with an anatomical heart from an old medical illustration engraving. I extended the arteries into curving vines to represent new growth and life. Below I have drawn veins from a heart, going upwards, which feel like barren trees, but also have the […]

Finding my way out

Thank you so much for all the words of support and encouragement, I appreciate it so much. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends and kindred creative spirits in my life. I needed to find perspective over the last week and realize that although times are difficult, I am not alone and things […]

Caught in the weeds

I am sorry I have been so bad about posting lately, I have been having a very difficult time in my personal life on almost all levels. I have felt overwhelmed and am trying to pull myself out of it. I need to look at the spaces between the weeds in my life and see […]

Making Felted Pumpkins

To make felted pumpkins you will need: wool roving in pumpkin colors left over yarn, wool works best but other fibers will work too pantyhose orange and green embroidery floss or pearl cotton long embroidery needle scissors. You can also make Dia de los Muertos skulls too, by making white felted balls. Cut 2 oval pieces […]