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New Acrylic Inks class!!!

I’m excited to tell you about a new class I’m teaching 10 Textile Techniques using acrylic inks!  I’ll be teaching it at Shake Rag Alley School of Arts & Crafts in Mineral Point Wisconsin April 22. This is going to be one of those classes filled with experimenting and learning multiple ways to apply ink to fabric. […]

Hectic days, an old artquilt gets a face lift and spring fever.

I’ve had so much going on the last couple weeks it’s been hard to sit down and write. Between my recent travels, I sold two quilts to a friend/collector who’s moving to England and sent my daughter Indigo off on a last minute month long trip to help her get set up in her new […]

Taping Quilting Arts TV

I’ve just returned from an overnight trip to Cleveland to tape a segment for Quilting Arts TV with Pokey. I arrived tuesday afternoon and was thrilled to get together with my friends Deborah Boschert and Jane Davila for a long chatty dinner. Deborah and I in the green room. Deborah taped 3 segments and even though […]

Fun Metal Workshop and a Rough Drive Home

On thursday, I drove 85 miles to Rockford, IL to give two lectures and teach Heavy Metal Play Day. I don’t teach locally very often so it was really nice to drive instead of dealing with the hassles of flying. There was lots of fun experimenting with different embossing techniques on silver and colored aluminum, […]

I got such a special delivery today!

a surprise package from Havel’s Sewing! Havel’s makes some of the best scissors on the planet. I first tried a pair of these on the set of Quilting Arts TV, they are a sponsor of the show and supply scissors to use on set. The package came with a nice note saying they’re a gift […]