3 of Swords

I finished the quilt, except for the sleeve, I will be stitching that on over the next day or so while I am at the PAQA sponsored Alyson Stanfield artist marketing retreat in Wisconsin.
Before hand stitching, the red painted batting was machine stitched with two threads threaded through the needle to get a bolder weight line from fluorescent colored threads. After I put the backing fabric on and the machine quilting was done, I used embroidery floss, with all 6 strands, to make big bold stitches around the machine stitching on the batting.

To create the stitched graphic line drawing of the 3 of swords, I drew the line art in Adobe Illustrator and printed it out using the tiling option in the print dialog box on 12 sheets of paper. I taped the papers together into one large image and then traced the image onto tracing paper with a sharpie. I pinned the tracing paper in place on the quilt and stitched with a straight stitch over the lines to transfer the design. After tearing away the paper, I used satin stitch “to draw” the bold black lines onto the quilt.

See you thursday…

9 Responses to “3 of Swords”

  1. Wow. Incredible. Looks fantastic. It saws a lot about what is going on with you….but you know that already.

  2. My bad. I think the misspelled word “saws” was a Freudian Slip…should have been typed, “says”.

    ironic-er…WV is “pundete”

  3. Bee says:

    Thank you for sharing your techniques on this quilt! I have wondered how well it would work to use tracing paper the way you have here… stitching through it… to transfer a quilting design. Now I can see how well it does! Your work is so beautiful.

  4. Jane LaFazio says:

    so glad you showed the detail of the red portion. waay cool!

  5. Judy: Love seeing this! And so glad you’re here with me at the workshop/retreat.

  6. beautiful color combination!

  7. Frieda says:

    It is fabulous. I had a great time in Racine. Thanks for being my roomie.

  8. Oh and I am now twittering.

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