A Day in the Fabric District Followed by Pupusas

Today we drove to downtown Los Angeles to go to the fabric district, block after block filled with stores of fabrics, willing to wheel and deal.

There were fabrics of all kinds and shops filled floor to ceiling with notions and dressmakers forms.

One shop was filled with fake fur, much to Nina’s delight who has been buying extra long fur on the internet for much higher prices to make wigs for her ball jointed dolls. I think she is going to need to start a business to use all the lovely fur she bought. Look at that pink and white one!

Look at all these designer cotton prints for $5 a yard!
We finished the day by stopping at another of our favorite restaurants, El Buen Gusto, for El Salvadoran pupusas, pickled spicy cabbage, refried beans, fried plantains and cream, yummmm…

8 Responses to “A Day in the Fabric District Followed by Pupusas”

  1. Robbie Payne says:

    Talk about being in heaven! Fiber, Fabric, Food and Family! What could be better! I just purchased your Mixed Media QA DVD! Off to watch it!

  2. Ummmmm Papusa! Food for the Spanish Gods.

  3. luanne says:

    judy, thanks for this fun little tour… the foods and fabrics all look so delicious. sensory heaven! hope you have a great time at MIU. love your groovy apron too.

  4. cindy shake says:

    Holy Cow! Kid in a candy store, Bee in a bouquet, you were in food and fiber heaven! I think the notions must have been incredible too and probably ALL at GREAT prices. How many extra duffle bags did you need for your return trip -ha!

  5. Too much fun! Fabric heaven…yummy food…good times!

  6. It definately can’t get any better!!! These are good “f” words, fabric and food. Do you think we could live on the two?

    I have been under a rock, it seems, for too long, so for my return to fiberspace, I’m giving away one of my small art quilts. Take a peek, and pick a random number!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip. I plan on going there. How I love this meal.

  8. Wendy P says:

    I lived in So Cal for 35 years! How did I never make it to the LA Fabric District???

    The food looks good too.

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