A little Inspiration at the Art Institute

IMG 1891 A little Inspiration at the Art Institute
Saturday my friends Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski picked up my daughter Nina and I on their way to the Art Institute for a meet up with other midwest SAQA members. The plan was to see the current textile exhibit, but I was sidetracked by the amazing exhibit titled Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France. It was a fabulous exhibit of paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and tapestries. I love this period of art, renaissance manuscripts and tapestries were the inspiration for this quilt
Oh+Deer5.5x72 A little Inspiration at the Art Institute
Oh Deer, Look What’s Become of Me
Seeing all of those beautiful paintings makes me want to paint!
DSCN1066 2 A little Inspiration at the Art Institute
At noon we met up in the cafeteria for a bit of lunch and a meeting.
DSCN1072 A little Inspiration at the Art Institute

What a great day!


5 Responses to “A little Inspiration at the Art Institute”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Get out the paints, Judy!!!

  2. Lisa ONeill says:

    Did you ever read the book by Tracy Chevalier – The Girl and the Unicorn – it’s takes you into the mid-evil world of the tapestry artist and their guilds – – – it so connects their work to their life; and gives a new meaning to the color blue – – – you’ll understand when you read it.

  3. I did read that book several years ago and loved reading about the lives of the weavers.

  4. Thanks for the book title. I’ll check it out.
    And thanks for a grat day at the Art Institute, Judy. It’s always fun to gather a bunch of textile artists together. Although it was hard to get a work in edgewise.

  5. Jane LaFazio says:

    you look so lovely in your blue accessories!

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