An Ornamental Fiesta

moth+fiesta+Orn An Ornamental Fiesta

Try your hand embossing and sewing metal, painting fabric and quilting. This is a fun class loaded with techniques. Inspired by Mexican tin folk art, these fun and festive ornaments incorporate painting with textile paints, quilting, embossing and sewing metal.

FOpinkspecklebird An Ornamental Fiesta

an ornament can even have doors.

treefiestaOrn An Ornamental Fiesta

Here are some examples of the beautiful ornaments made by students in the Fiesta Ornament class.

781814484 WTqPF L An Ornamental Fiesta
781815095 GHNAZ L 1 An Ornamental Fiesta
781816270 MZtLV L 1 An Ornamental Fiesta

ornaments An Ornamental Fiesta

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  1. Jane LaFazio says:

    Judy, these are sooo gorgeous.

  2. I love these and always have. They are precious.

  3. These are beautiful. I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you so much for sharing the idea and photos.

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