Announcing my new blog for techniques

projectsheader700 Announcing my new blog for techniquesMy new blog Painted Threads Projects will be an archive for projects originally posted here on Painted Threads. It is a place to go to see step out photos with descriptions on various projects that I have done. These are blog posts that have been consolidated by project, including comments with questions and answers relating to each project originally posted here. I know how hard it can be to find things in a 4 year archive and if you are new to my blog there may be many things you have never seen. There are still a few projects left to be added, but they are almost all there. Painted Threads Projects will not be updated as often as this blog, I have set it up mostly to be like a reference book.

4 Responses to “Announcing my new blog for techniques”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Sounds like a good resource. Thanks for organizing your wisdom for us readers. :-)

  2. Carol Sloan says:

    what an awesome idea Judy! That will make it so much easier for everyone. Not to mention those of us who haven’t been reading for 4 years…we now have “new” projects to go through! Thanks!

  3. Pamela R says:

    Way cool! Thanks for the great resource. I love your work!

  4. Great idea, I’m popping over for a look now

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