Are you going to International Quilt Festival Cincinnati?

This will be my first time teaching at IQA‘s newest location. I’ve never been to Cincinnati and am looking forward to spending a long weekend there this spring. Hopefully I’ll still be in Chicago then and can make a road trip out of it instead of fly (so I can bring more stuff, lol).

If you’d like to take a class with me at festival I’ll be teaching:

Tea & Ephemera  Thursday, April 12th

Color Theory,  Friday, April 13th

Heavy Metal Play Day,  Saturday, April 14th

Each of these classes are process based with lots of time to experiment and try out new techniques and media with minimal supply lists. Check out the catalog and sign up now!


5 Responses to “Are you going to International Quilt Festival Cincinnati?”

  1. Sandy B says:

    I would love to Judy but Australia is a bit far away. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Rita says:

    I’m a great admirer of your painting techniques and would love to take a class from you. Have you ever considered teaching at the Mancuso Show in Denver in April/May? I live about 250 miles away but would be happy to drive it so I could take your class….think about it please. Thanks, Rita

  3. Hi Rita,

    It’s really a matter of who the Mancusos pick to teach at their shows more than me considering to teach there, but with your urging I will try sending them an inquiry. Otherwise you could contact your local guild and see if they would interested in having me to teach there.

  4. Rita says:

    We do bring in nationally known teachers such as yourself, however, we are already booked through 2013. That’s too long to wait for me – so Denver would be fantabulous! If you are interested in our website, check out

  5. I will have to look how my studio commitments work out…you will love Cincinnati! Merry Christmas! Peace, Mary Helen

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