Birds & Bees copper book

birdbookfinish1 Birds & Bees copper bookThis is the finished copper book that I worked on embossing during Open Studios.
birdbookfinish2 Birds & Bees copper bookI decided to make a change to the books by backing the copper covers with painted grungeboard for extra stability. I really like the addition, giving the books a sturdy and clean finish.
birdbookfinish3 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish4 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish5 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish6 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish7 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish8 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish9 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish10 Birds & Bees copper book
birdbookfinish11 Birds & Bees copper book

5 Responses to “Birds & Bees copper book”

  1. i am going to order some of these materials you are suggesting fr amazon, i tried it in a festival this past weekend and love it.
    please know also that your blog is very lovely and informative, thank you

  2. Stacy says:

    fabulous!fabulous!fabulous! So clean & well done! It bears repeating what a lovely inspriation you are!

  3. Lynne says:

    I love how your little book turned out. Did you pad the metal at all to keep the puffed out areas from crushing? How did you attach the covers? Did you glue it to the grungeboard? I love the subtle colors on the copper.
    Very nice!

  4. hi Lynne,
    sorry it has taken me awhile to respond my computer was in the shop. I did not put any filler in the metal. The copper is pretty firm. On my other blog Painted threads Projects I posted about gluing on the grungeboard.

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