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Once again I was curious what paints you use, so went clicking on your side bar…ta da…the info I was curious about….now a question…What paint brushes do you use? And do you use other things, like pencil erasers, for dots and other details?

I only use brushes when I paint, I find that I do not have enough control when using other things. I don’t use top of the line or bottom of the line brushes, but I always buy them from an art supply. Cheap brushes loose hair, and there is nothing worse than picking hairs out of wet paint. They also can loose their points and shape pretty fast, so you loose the ability to make smooth lines. Generally I look for brushes suitable for acrylics, watercolor brushes are too soft. Oil brushes tend to be stiffer, sometimes that is a good thing but in general it is not what I am looking for. I have a lot of brushes, some I have had for 20 plus years.

The shapes and sizes I tend to use most are (from left to right) a flat size 3 and 2, a round size 1, and for details a 00000 and this other one says 10/0. I use those last ones for details like outlining eyes and drawing hairs on the animals in Arbol de Vida, you can see that specifically on the picture of the boar.

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  1. Thank You for answering the question, and beyond! I don’t do much painting {oh really??}…Yet. But as my quilts get smaller and smaller, there are details I would like to add that paint would be ideal for. So you telling me the difference in brushes is a huge start. Even if I were to feel the brushes, I still wouldn’t know for sure what would work on fabric.

    I love adding beads to my quilts, but as my fingers get older [as opposed to the rest of me] holding a skinny needle is not always a done deal….but a nice plump brush handle?? bring it on!

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