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Happy New Year and the adventure continues on the North Island in Wellington

2017 was a year filled with the best and the worst of times. I hope with all my heart that democracy makes a comeback in 2018 and we can set the US back on course for saving the planet, civil rights/justice and helping instead of hurting those who need help the most. I’m falling behind […]

Next stop Nelson, New Zealand

I find a lot of inspiration from the places I travel to, and that’s why I share them here on my blog, to show you how these experiences can influence the work I make, whether it is a color palette (like the photo above taken just north of Greymouth with the violet-gray sky, soft aqua-gray-green […]

Greymouth, New Zealand

Pronounced ‘Grey MOUTH’, not Grey myth like one would think. I was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, pronounced ‘ports myth’ or probably more like ‘pohts muth’ if you say it with the right accent, lol. I think Greymouth has to be one of the greenest place I have ever been. Not like the rest of New […]

The most beautiful train ride I’ve ever taken

The day after Phil joined me in Christchurch, we boarded the Tranzalpine train to Greymouth on the west coast of the southern island of New Zealand. This is a 3 hour train ride that begins by crossing the lush green farm land of the Canterbury plains dotted with sheep, then over the majestic southern alps, […]

Coming up for air in the new year

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a hermit the last few weeks, taking some time to reconnect at home and recharge, but now it’s time to wrap up 2016 and get started with 2017. Since my last post was before Christmas I couldn’t show you what I was working on most of December. […]

Art Quilt Collage: A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint and Stitch

If you don’t know Deborah Boschert,  and her wonderful work already, I’d love to introduce you to my friend and her new book. Deborah and I have known each other for at least 10 years. This is us in the green room of Quilting Arts TV, 4 years (and 20 pounds) ago. I was thrilled to receive an […]

Just when you think you’re up for a bit of down time, life happens

Wow, it has been an action packed 3 weeks since I last checked in. I had two teaching trips and then made an unplanned trip to San Diego right after I got back from Denver, because my step dad David collapsed and hit his head at the Del Mar race track on his way to collect on […]

Sometimes you just have to go with flow

I have to admit that my heavy teaching schedule so far this year has wiped me out and I’m spending most of my time catching up with home life and not being all that creative in the studio. This is a very normal pattern for me that happens when life is too busy. I try […]

My Big Chill weekend in Colorado

The weekend after teaching in Diablo Valley Phil and I flew to Denver to have a reunion of sorts with my dearest friends my old art school roommates. Our roommate Tracy got married and we flew from far and wide to converge for the long weekend and celebrate Tracy’s marriage and the fact that we were […]

Back from NYC and on my way to Florida

Phil and I had a fantastic week in New York City. We saw friends, went to museums, ate wonderful food, enjoyed music played by friends and had a great time at the dance performances each night. I loved the Odd Fellows and Masons exhibit at the American Folk Art museum. I’ve always been drawn to symbolic imagery […]

Spring is off to a very busy start

and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. I’m a little slow to post this month due to all the prep work I’ve been doing for my crazy teaching schedule this April and May. I’ve also been finishing a quilt for an exhibit, gathering supplies, shipping supplies, burning CD’s, and preparing stacks of handouts, but I’ve had […]

Making grape jam with Martha

and I don’t mean Martha Stewart, I mean the very talented Martha Wolfe! If by chance you don’t know Martha’s work you need to check it out! Martha makes art quilts but she’s also studied printmaking and has a background in academia in the field of Marine Biology. Martha’s work is very graphic in nature, […]

The Inspiring beauty of Colorado

After having such a great trip to Colorado; spending time with my old college room mate Tracy DuCharme, having two fun acrylic ink painting workshops and seeing so much natural beauty, I came back really wanting to paint. I decided to ignore the computer as much as possible for a solid week and a half and focus […]

Is Thermofax printing a mystery to you?

Update: And the Winner of the Thermofax 101 DVD is lucky #7 Cathy Ortelle! Thanks Cathy and Congratulations!!! 🙂 and thank you to all the others who left a comment about what they are most interested in learning. Glad to see lots of interest in painting, surface design and mixed media techniques.   Well, my […]

It’s all about Crafting a Life!

Last week, my daughter Indigo and I drove out to Napa to visit my friend, and founder of the Quilting Arts empire, Pokey Bolton, to help her with her new business venture. Pokey is building a fantastic creative arts and lifestyle retreat facility in the heart of Napa called ‘Crafting a Life, LLC, which she plans […]

How I spent my summer un-vacation

I can’t believe summer is basically over and fall is quickly approaching (at least in some parts of the country) the only way you’d know it here is that the mornings and evenings are getting significantly cooler. Although I haven’t had too many teaching trips the last couple months, I have been very busy in […]

Oh Canada! Your quilters put on a great show

Jan Krentz and I welcome you to the city of Niagara Falls This was my first trip to the Toronto area of Canada, I’ve been to the east and west sides of Canada, but that was many years ago, back when the border was less daunting. I had a relatively easy crossing, but after talking […]

Colorful Australia

I flew out of San Francisco last Tuesday night and landed in Sydney at 6:30 Thursday morning. It’s always strange to lose a whole day when traveling, I’m usually confused about what day it is for almost a week. Cecile Whatman, of Unique Stitching, picked me up at the airport and we scooted off to […]

My first trip to the big apple

After two days in Stonington, Phil and I took the train to New York City. Phil has been working with The Laura Pawel Modern Dance company for the last 30 years, performing live solo original compositions for several evening performances each year. We were so lucky to be able to stay with the Pawels in […]

Visiting the home of my ancestors and boyfriend

After my flight from Dallas to Austin, I got back on a normal size plane, flew to New England and met up with my boyfriend from California to spend two days in his home town of Stonington, Connecticut. Stonington is the town Phil lived in when he was a boy, his older brother lives there […]

My Ultimate Challenge: flying to Dallas

After a fabulous week in Austin, I spent the weekend in Dallas with my good friends Vickie Hallmark and Julie Upshaw, who were members of my art quilt group when I lived in Austin. Since we only had two days to get together and Dallas is a 4 hour drive from Austin, Vickie suggested her […]

My daughters Hannibal artwork is going viral!

I’m a proud mom. My daughter Indigo created a beautiful digital painting inspired by her favorite tv show Hannibal. She posted it on her Tumblr blog and within half an hour NBC had posted it on their show’s Tumbler blog. It’s very exciting to see her work getting so much notice. I’m off to Austin, Texas […]

Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair

I ended my five week trip to Australia by teaching pop up classes in the Unique Stitching booth and demoing various techniques as a guest artist at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair.  my exhibit and work space as guest artist   This is fellow guest artist Loani Prior, the queen of exotic knitted tea cozies. Her booth was […]

Beautiful Brisbane and its many bridges

On my day off in Brisbane my wonderful host, Janet, from the Queensland Quilt Guild took me out for a day in the city. We took the train downtown, stopped to get a much needed massage, then had lunch at a lovely tea shop where I stocked up on a few wonderful teas. Then we […]

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