I guess it’s no surprise I love painting with acrylic inks and I love sharing what I’ve learned with my students!

Ann Ursula shibori

  . and it’s so gratifying to know that the people I teach feel that too. Thank you Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters for inviting me to beautiful Colorado so I could share my passion for painting with you! 🙂 ~+~ I was very happy to see a nice review of my 10+ Techniques with Acrylic inks book in […]

Rockin’ the Acrylic Inks workshops: Round 2


Saturday and Sunday, I taught the 2nd 2-day workshop with RMCQ. It was another great turn out, with students all the way from Laramie, Wyoming, Colorado Springs and the Western front range (meaning the other side of the Rocky mountains for those, like me, unfamiliar with the geography of the area). After spending a week in […]

These Colorado gals rock!


What a great time I’m having with the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters. Not only is this a fun and creative guild, they also live in a gorgeous location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. So much great work was made during the first workshop, I wanted to share it right away since I start the next workshop today and won’t […]

Are you going to IQF Houston this fall?

teaching inks houston

I am! and I think the festival catalogs are in the mail, so I wanted to give you a heads up on the classes I’m teaching this year. Wednesday, Oct 28 Painting with Tsukineko All Purpose Inks -6 hours In this class you’ll master blending and shading, mixing colors, creating light and dark colors, learn how […]

A lovely 3 day retreat in the Hudson River Valley and a fun and fast trip to Houston, Texas!

Hudson river selfies

I was so excited to teach at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts workshop an hour from Albany, NY, a week ago. Many of my friends have taught at there, and I’ve always heard the best things. The Greenville Arms was built in 1889 and consists of a large 3-story house with a dining room, […]

A working trip back to my childhood home

page st kittery

I had so much fun on this last trip. I flew into Boston and met up with my younger sister Beth who lives in Massachusetts. These paintings of my dads were hanging in Beth’s house. My dad was a Naval engineer, who designed steering mechanisms for nuclear subs, but he liked to draw historic houses with pen and […]

Bee-lieving in productivity and abundance


Spring is all around us here with trees blossoming everywhere you look, I can’t help but feel inspired and after teaching in Visalia and before preparing for my next teaching gig in Amador county with a group of Northern California art quilters, I had a strong desire to paint. I knew I wanted my work […]

Feeling the love and creativity


On the eve of Valentines’s day, I hope you’re feeling the love. Valentine’s day is the ultimate creativity infused holiday where we create a card, a gift or experience to express our love for those special people in our lives. I’ve been making a few, but more on that later, first I want to tell you […]

Bye bye 2014, hello 2015!


It’s hard to believe 2014 has come to a close. Overall it’s been a really good year. I’ve been to some wonderful teaching venues,   and fun times were had with friends and loved ones,   and I can’t leave out a sampling of art that was made.   I’ve been back in California for two […]

Arrowmont and a week of painting with acrylic inks


Wow, it’s hard to know where to begin, there is so much to say about Arrowmont, what an amazing place it is, not only as a place to teach, but as a place to learn, create, and meet other artists who are passionate about their work all in a gorgeous setting, nestled into the foothills of the great smokey mountains. The […]

Spend a week immersed in the ultimate creative exploration using Acrylic Inks with me!

leaf detail on acrylic inks

Oh my gosh, what could be more wonderful than crisp cool mornings, fall colors, and uninterrupted creative time in the Great Smoky Mountains for a whole week! Sounds like heaven to me and it’s coming up soon! October 12-18, I will be teaching an  Acrylic Ink Textile Adventure at Arrowmont, and I keep thinking of new techniques to […]

My trip back to the third coast


I flew to Chicago to give 2 lectures and teach a day and a half Tea & Ephemera workshop for the Prairie Star quilt guild in St. Charles, Illinois. Before heading out to the burbs, I reunited with a group of good friends that regularly met for dinner at my old loft. Our group initially started meeting for artist play dates, and a potluck […]

Oh Canada! Your quilters put on a great show

jan and judy

Jan Krentz and I welcome you to the city of Niagara Falls This was my first trip to the Toronto area of Canada, I’ve been to the east and west sides of Canada, but that was many years ago, back when the border was less daunting. I had a relatively easy crossing, but after talking […]

My road trip to Fresno, CA… 3 days after returning from Australia

painting 1

I used to look at the crazy schedules of my friends who also teach and wondered how they coped with big trips back to back, but now that I find myself occasionally in the same boat, the answer is; you just do it. When you love making art, teaching and need to pay the bills, there really isn’t […]

The Creative Textiles show in Canberra

lovely linda

I’ve been so busy since I came back from Australia. 3 days after I came home I was on the road to central California to give a lecture and teach a workshop and for the last week I’ve been catching up with my kids, dealing with an on going health problem of my daughter, spending some time […]

A blast of creativity and fun in my workshops with Unique Stitching

Acrylic ink class

The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. I taught 2 classes with Unique Stitching, 3 classes at the Creative textiles show in Canberra, flew home from Australia on May 5th then drove to Fresno on May 8th, where I gave a lecture and taught a painting class. I’m just now catching my breath and able to […]

My bags are packed and I’m almost ready to go…

AU acrylic ink art

I’m off to Australia for two weeks to teach 2 painting classes with Cecile Whatman of Unique Stitching and teach 3 workshops and demo techniques at The Creative Textile Show  2-4 May in Canberra. With Cecile, I’ll be teaching one of my favorite two day classes 10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks, 26-27 April. These are a few finished pieces I made from […]

My week in Austin


What an amazing trip I had to Austin, Connecticut and New York, then unfortunately immediately on my return I got the flu, but I’m happily on my way to wellness again and ready to start sharing my adventures with you. The weekend I arrived in Austin, I taught two classes with the Austin Area Quilt […]

Join me for a week of ultimate creative exploration at Arrowmont this fall


I think it’s a tremendous honor to be asked to teach at a venue with such a long history of teaching fine craft. The original settlement school, that became Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, was founded in 1912, in the Great Smoky Mountains. For years, I’ve heard  wonderful things about Arrowmont from other artists. I […]

Highlights of the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair


What a great show! It was really wonderful to be at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair the week following teaching in the Sunshine Coast and the 2 day workshop for the Queensland Quilters, because it felt like a steady stream of friends kept stopping by to say hi. Sue Duffy and Brenda Wood were […]

Come Paint with Me in Canberra! 26 April – 4 May

painting acrylic inks 3x3.5

I’m so excited! Cecile Whatman of Unique Stitching is bringing me back to Canberra to teach several classes in the mixed media classroom at The Creative Textiles Show  2-4 May. And since she’s bringing me all that way and I have a couple free days in my schedule, she has arranged an opportunity for me […]

2 Days of Acrylic Inks with the Queensland Quilters

QLD Judy n Mel JJ

What a great time I had with the Queensland Quilters! We spent two days immersed in acrylic ink, creating some really amazing work. x One of my students Donna, is an amazing poet, after painting two beetles she proceeded to write an incredibly humorous poem to go with it, and then she did a reading […]

Teaching Tsukineko inks in Peachester, Australia

bernadine hine

This is the very talented and lovely Bernadine Hine, a well known Aussie art quilter and she is the one I have to thank for the opportunity to teach in the town of Peachester (population 452) up in the mountains an hours drive north of Brisbane. This 125 year old town hall was the location of […]

Getting manic about the metal and having fun embossing it too

anne andrews

One of the great perks about teaching on the road is that I get to travel to some really cool places and meet wonderful people along the way. When I was in Brisbane I gave a couple lectures to the Queensland Quilters guild and met the lovely woman on the right Anne Andrews at the […]