Fantastic 3 day Unique Stitching retreat in Canberra


3 tired but happy teachers: Sue Dennis, Cecile Whatman and Me What a great retreat Cecile organized, and on very short notice too, I think she pulled off organizing and booking it in 3 months and it was a huge success! I was still transitioning to a time zone 7 hours different from my own […]

Hey Aussies, I’ll be coming to a city near you soon!


I want to tell you about a big trip that’s in the works down under, and I’ll be leaving in just a few weeks. This has all come together in a very short amount of time, organized by my friend Cecile of Unique Stitching. Cecile hosted my trip to Melbourne to teach at the Australasian […]

Two fantastic retreats coming up in Wisconsin and Australia!


Hey midwest peeps! Next month, I’m teaching two classes at Shake Rag Ally School of Arts and Crafts in beautiful Mineral Point, Wisconsin.         August 24th- Painting Imagery on Fabric While working with textile paints, students learn techniques for creating smooth gradations of color, glazing paint to create more visual depth, covering […]

International Quilt Festival, Houston enrollment starts Monday!

Tsukineko Inks_Perez

Check out the class catalog, it’s that time already! I have a really full schedule again this year with 6 classes and a lecture. and Enrollment starts July 15th. Monday, October 28 Color Theory #123 Do you find yourself choosing the same ‘tried and true’ color combinations over and over? Do you want to learn how to mix exactly the color […]

Acrylic Ink Adventure Camp in La Grange, Texas


Just in case you had any thoughts that us traveling teachers live a carefree  jet setting life, I can quickly dispel any of those ideas. I woke up at 3:15 Friday morning to make an early flight to Houston. Since it was so early and I was hightailing it to the airport, I figured I’d […]

The Australasian Quilt Convention


This is the Royal Exhibition Building, the home of the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. It was built in 1880 with a brick structure and wood interior, it has two floors and is in the shape of a cross. There’s no heat or airconditioning, and since fall was well underway it was a bit cool […]

Channel Inspiration, Creativity and Exploration this summer on an Acrylic Ink Quilting Adventure


I find my best work comes when I have uninterrupted time to delve deep into the process and explore ideas and techniques. Opportunities to focus on our art making can be so rare, but it’s incredibly important to make time for it in our over scheduled hectic lives. I’d like to invite you to take […]

I’m so excited!!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 1.43.39 PM

   VISIT AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST & BEST QUILT EVENT!   COME TO THE AUSTRALASIAN QUILT CONVENTION AND SEE QUILTS from Botswana, Belgium, Korea, New Zealand, UK, USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and from every state in Australia – the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia. Australasian Quilt […]

Join me on a Hawaiian Island Quilt Cruise for a Cause

Painting Hawaiian Fauna

This October come with me for a painting and surface design adventure on an island hopping Quilt n’ Cruise to Hawaii. A really wonderful aspect of this cruise, is that a portion of the proceeds go to funding breast cancer research. Beyond contributing to such a wonderful cause, what could be more inspiring than a cruise […]

Tsukineko Inks at Road


This is Gina, who was our one woman entertainment committee in the Tsukineko inks class, she has a fantastic sense of humor and kept us laughing all day, and she’s not only funny, she’s very talented too with a winning quilt in the show.     In this class we always start the day by […]

Tea and Ephemera and Heavy Metal at Road to CA

Heavy metal play day

So what is ephemera? Well, here is the definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary EPHEMERA 1: something of no lasting significance  2: ephemera plural : paper items (as posters, broadsides, and tickets) that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles   Tea & Ephemera is a class that’s all about expanding ones view of […]

Join me on an Acrylic Ink Adventure at Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp!

Acrylic inks

Oh my gosh I am so excited to tell you I’ll be teaching Acrylic Ink Adventure, a 3 day retreat, at Idylwild Arts, June 30-July 2 in Southern California and registration is open now! This has got to be one of my favorite locations to teach. I love the environment, it’s so beautiful and relaxing, it’s totally […]

Painting Imagery on Fabric at Road to California


I had a great time teaching last week. The first class I taught was painting, this is my favorite class to teach, because primarily I teach people who dont have any formal art training basic techniques to successfully paint on cotton fabric, which is a lot harder than painting on canvas. It was wonderful to see […]

Finishing Festival with Some Flash


My last class at festival was Heavy Metal Play Day which focuses on learning a variety of ways to emboss and color metal. We worked on aluminum and copper with the creative metal tool kit from from Walnut Hollow. So many fun samples!

A Fiesta of Ornaments


Teaching my class on how to make Fiesta Ornaments is always so much fun because you get a little taste of everything. We paint, do a little quilting and decorative stitching, sew metal and do some beautiful decorative embossing, and at the end of the day students go home with a beautiful ornament and the […]

Painting Imagery With Textile Paints


The  next class I taught at festival was painting with textile paints. In this class we use Pebeo Setacolor textile paints and cotton fabric. In this class students learn to paint  backgrounds, use freezer paper masks, paint gradations,  paint lines, dots and details, and glaze paint to create more visual depth, among many other things.

2 Great Tsukineko Inks Classes at Festival

photo courtesy International Quilt Festival

I’m long over due posting about my week teaching at International Quilt Festival in Houston (I’ve been focused on trying to find a place to live) but I’d like to start off by saying I had a fantastic time in Houston and my students produced incredible work. I taught two classes on painting with Tsukineko […]

I am so excited about this!


Join me for an Acrylic Ink Adventure at Quilt Camp in La Grange, Texas next June 7-9, 2013!!! organized by the wonderful folks at Quilts Inc. Spend a weekend filled with surface design exploration! Begin with creating colorful textured backgrounds, explore mark making with different kinds of stamps, draw with inks using quill type calligraphy and ruling pens. Paint imagery opaquely […]

A Spot of Tea in Springfield, Missouri


I had a lovely time in Springfield with the Ozark Piecemakers at their annual guild show. My trip began with seeing a fabulous textile exhibit at the new Springfield Branson airport including the humorous work of Pam RuBert and beautiful organza work of Rosemary Claus-Gray, if you live in that part of the country I […]

A Sea of Colorful Fabric Using 10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks


This was the scene on the floor before we broke for lunch on Saturday. Luckily we had a really big room. I spread out a 9′ x 12′ tarp and then added another 6 feet to it an hour later. These were our base fabrics created using the first 5 techniques.  After lunch we used […]

Charting a Course in Color


I teach color theory very much like you would learn it in art school, because I think the way to really understand color is by mixing paint and seeing what happens when you physically add one color to another. As an educator I believe experiential learning like this creates the deepest level of learning for most people. In the […]

Alternatively Bound and Stitched in Long Beach


There are always a few things I learn teaching a new class, like if I’ve forgotten to put something on the supply list or how long will it take students to go through each part of the class within the 6 hour time frame. With sewing machine based classes at conventions, it always takes a little extra time […]

Emboss some metal at Road to California next January


I am excited to be teaching at Road to California for the first time next January. Registration started Sunday and I can’t believe 3 of my 4 classes are already filled! My Heavy Metal Play Day class on Sunday still has room in it though, if you’d like to change things up a bit and try something […]

Wow, it’s already time to sign up for classes at IQF Houston!


International Quilt Festival info here.For all of you Tsukineko ink enthusiasts, due to popular demand, I am teaching two classes again this fall!  Tuesday, Oct 30Tsukineko All Purpose Inks (6 hours) The benefit to taking my class is, I teach two different methods for working with the inks. One uses the Fantastix tool with a […]