Day one in New Zealand

What an amazing introduction to New Zealand I had with my host Glen at her lovely home on the beach in Milford, a suburb of Auckland. This is the view from her balcony.

Just a little bleary eyed but happy to be on the ground again after 17 hours of travel.

Glen and I took a walk along the beach to a cafe for lunch and saw so many wonderful things.

Because there are so many small volcanoes in this area the rocks along the beach here are all lava rock.

Glen and I on her balcony.

At night I was lulled to sleep by waves crashing on the beach, it was so soothing. In the morning I woke up to this glorious sunrise. That is mount Rangitoto across the harbor, an extinct volcano.

This sums it up perfectly!

11 Responses to “Day one in New Zealand”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Wow! What a beautiful sunrise and the beach treasures are fantastic. Have fun!

  2. Amo House says:

    Very beautiful. Looking forward to more!!

  3. lyric says:

    Get some sleep – take more pictures! I’m so happy this opportunity came your way!

  4. luanne says:

    It looks beautiful there. Hope you settle into their time zone quickly so you can enjoy every single minute!

  5. Jamie Fingal says:

    Great pictures – you have such an eye for it. Have a tremendous time. Thank you so much for sharing in your adventures.

  6. cindy shake says:

    I feel refreshed just looking at the photos, YOU must feel amazing!! WOW. Please, please post more pictures as your journey unfolds ;o)

  7. Jane LaFazio says:

    wonderful! and inspiring.

  8. Lisa says:

    Beautiful! Have a wonderful time – not sure how you couldn’t!

  9. Gerrie says:

    You are coming back to the states, right? LOL

  10. Rachel says:

    What fun. Thank you so much for the pictures. This is one of my “must see before I die” destinations

  11. Melly Testa says:

    Wow! What fun! You look wonderful.

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