Ho Ho Ho

Here’s Abby taking a short break from keeping herself warm in someone’s shirt and posing for her Christmas portrait. Actually Nina added the antlers in Photoshop, Abby is not real fond of wearing any kind of clothes. Doesn’t she make a cute little reindeer?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, thanks for visiting me through the year.

7 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho”

  1. Merry Christmas,
    I hope and pray that you and your family have a great, safe, and wonderful holiday season. Abby is adorable.

  2. Melody says:

    Abby looks fabulous if slightly mortified. How funny! Merry Christmas and stay warm.

  3. luanne says:

    not every dog can carry off those antlers with such style! abby is too cute.

    a very merry christmas to you & your family. and thanks again for all the gifts you’ve shared with us here this year.


  4. Gerrie says:

    My JR would not be caught dead in any clothing!! Merry, merry!

  5. Carol Sloan says:

    I hope that you have a warm and Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful fiber art through the year Judy. Come on to NC, I want you closer to me! Abby looks wonderful…keep warm and safe Judy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    He visto muchas cosas bellas en este blog.

  7. Plain Jane says:

    ooh, that Abby is a cutie pie!

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