Houston International Quilt Festival 2011

Between delayed blizzard mail and working on several writing projects I am finally getting around to announcing my classes for International Quilt Festival in Houston this year.

beetles4 Houston International Quilt Festival 2011I am so excited to tell all the people who tried to get into my Tsukineko Inks class in Houston last fall but didn’t, that I am teaching two, that’s right TWO Tsukineko Inks classes this year! I will be teaching it on both Tuesday and Thursday! So I am looking forward to seeing all of you this year icon smile Houston International Quilt Festival 2011

PEREZ+tea+%26+Ephemera1 Houston International Quilt Festival 2011Wednesday, I will be teaching Tea and Ephemera, a mixed media techniques sampler, incorporating tea bags, printed abaca paper, paint sticks and more. 

I will also be giving a lecture bright and early Friday morning called  It’s all in the Process:  Making an award winning art quilt and everything that can go wrong along the way!


6 Responses to “Houston International Quilt Festival 2011”

  1. 2ne says:

    These are very nice – love the colours :-)

  2. jojo says:

    I’m going to Long Beach and hope to get in the TI class there – wooty hooty!


    Those beetles are gorgeous! Can’t believe I’m saying that about a BUG!

  3. Jane LaFazio says:

    watch out houston! hope to take one of your classes this time!

  4. Jojo and Jane what a treat it would be to have you in class! You both have such fabulous creative enthusiasm, great energy for a class environment! Looking forward to seeing you both in sunny so cal!

  5. Sue Dennis says:

    See you in Houston too. Will try to get into a class- they look great fun.

  6. Yay Sue glad to hear your coming back to Houston this year!

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