International Quilt Festival Long Beach: Day 2 Fiesta Ornaments

Friday evening I taught Fiesta Ornaments. In this class everyone gets to paint, do a little quilting, and sew and emboss metal.

I always have students tell me how thrilled they are to walk out the door with a finished object!

4 Responses to “International Quilt Festival Long Beach: Day 2 Fiesta Ornaments”

  1. Suztats says:

    They sure do look happy with their ornaments. Lucky them!

  2. Ann says:

    We had so much fun, Judy. Thanks for a terrific evening. I loved your class, it was so laid back and not rushed, yet we still finished the ornament. It was terrific to meet you and Nina – she is as talented as her mom!

  3. Erilyn says:

    Lucky class! It sure looks like fun and I’d love to do one!

  4. Hi Erilyn,
    maybe we will get to do it in 2013

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