IQF Day 4

IMG 8083 IQF Day 4

Friday began with demoing free motion quilting and promoting my new DVD; Design, Paint & Stitch in Open Studios.

IMG 8084 IQF Day 4

Art quilter, blog friend and fellow art school college alumni Kristin LaFlamme stopped by to say hello with her daughter Katja.

IMG 8090 IQF Day 4 
Me, Melly and Australian art quilter Sue Dennis after Melly’s lecture on inspiration.
In the evening we had a dinner with many of the artists who participated in the Beneath the Surface exhibit.
IMG 6551 IQF Day 4

I believe this is about the time I began describing my experience with middle age dating in the new millennium, I think the best option is to find lots of humor in it.

IMG 6557 IQF Day 4
Sarah Ann Smith, Deborah Boschert and Linda T. Minton
IMG 6564 IQF Day 4
 Frances Holiday Alford, Rachel Perris and Jamie Fingal
IMG 6543 IQF Day 4
 Jane LaFazio and her friend Paula Elliott, Sarah Ann Smith, Deborah Boschert, Linda T. Minton
IMG 6559 IQF Day 4
Nina and Me
Spooning with Friends
What can I say, we are a group of women with many talents. One that is sort of becoming tradition at festival is hanging spoons off our noses at dinner.
IMG 8038 IQF Day 4
 Leslie Jenisen
IMG 8039 IQF Day 4
Melly Testa
IMG 8158 IQF Day 4
 Melly and Jamie Fingal getting ready to spoon in the Hilton bar.
IMG 8159 IQF Day 4
IMG 8162 IQF Day 4
IMG 8167 IQF Day 4

Quilting Arts editor Helen Gregory showed her talent by hanging a spoon on her chin.

IMG 6688 IQF Day 4

Pokey, is a novice at this, but I am sure by next festival she will have mastered this new skill and will be weilding a spoon just as well as a rotary cutter.

6 Responses to “IQF Day 4”

  1. Looks like you were having fun! But remember, to be in full battle gear when wearing your spoon, you must also wear your napkin as a bandanna around your forehead.

  2. Oh Laura you are so right, I will have to remember that!

  3. kringie says:

    I think you should also be required to take your wine glass and suck enough air out that you can slide it down and have it stick to your chin.

  4. Is having that much fun legal?

    Hugz (still grinning loudly)

  5. Bee says:

    Thank you for sharing your photos! It looks like y’all had a wonderful time. And you are right….middle age dating requires a great sense of humor!

  6. Kristin L says:

    It was great meeting you in person. And now I think I’m going to have to improve my spoon dangling skills in case I get accosted by any of your gang next year in Houston!

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