It was a day filled with amazing paintings

Each morning I get a horoscope in my email. I generally take these with a grain of salt and just think of it as a fun way to start the day, but this one was just the thing to read before my painting class.


I think ‘I‘ turned out to be the ‘right‘ person, because I was amazed. Look at all the beautiful work my students did.

wood duck snail rooster painting 4 butterfly on purple rose on parchment butterflies2 chameleon flowerbirdseahorsebeetle butterfliespoppyI sometimes have my doubts about whether I should keep trying to pursue a career teaching, it’s certainly not a lucrative thing to do, but after a day like that, it feels like this is exactly what I should be doing.

2 Responses to “It was a day filled with amazing paintings”

  1. Susan Kinkki says:

    Even thou I teach on such a small scale i know what you mean but Judith you are so talented and creative! When I lived on kauai I brought one internationally acclaimed teacher to Kauai each year…Carol Bryer Fallert x 2 with a one woman show in our local museum for 6 weeks; Ann Johnston; Joen Wolfrom; Doreen Speckman x? became a regular winter guest :-), etc….ya know, all of them commented that they had their doubts sometimes about teaching but after coming to Kauai they were renewed and knew why they taught. On Kauai, it was usually the same 20 women and we were starved for these kind of classes….they would teach two consecutive weekends…so a mini immersion class. We did not socialize with fellow students or bunch up in groups and talk a way, we were rapt with attention and got every bit we could. One big thing I miss about not living on Kauai anymore…cannot pay anyone to come up to the UP to teach 🙂 From what I hear you are a fantastic teacher and everyone loves the classes you teach. One day I hope to be able to attend one of your classes. Rock on sister!

  2. Thanks Susan! It’s nice to hear from you again. Well, it may not be the UP but I will be teaching at Quilt Canada in June which may be a tad closer to you than other venues 🙂

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