Knit Arm Warmers

Yesterday my baby turned 17! And I gave her the goth insprired arm warmers I made. Perfect considerering it is 2°F right now and she is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt.

I refuse to leave the house for the next several days, not until the temperature gets up to at least 10°F! I have never lived some place that had wind chills of -35 before. I expect to see penguins with these kind of temps. Thank goodness Abby is trained to use a litter box, it is supposed to be -10° tonight!

3 Responses to “Knit Arm Warmers”

  1. Deb Silva says:

    i have pants just like that – now i need the arm warmers!!
    get knitting baby!

  2. Wina says:

    I just love your arm warmers and know someone who would love them even more than me. Where did you ever get the pattern?

  3. I made up the pattern. I could send you a pdf file of it if you email me, the link is on my profile. i have to warn you though I am not real experienced with writing patterns and I wrote it for my own use already having the basic knowledge of how to make fingerless gloves. you will have to know how to make the thumb, i don’t know how to write that out in knitting language, but I do have it marked where it should go and how many stitches should be left for it. I did make a chart for the skull and checkerboard and have all the basic info one should need.

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