Cool new pencil box from Little Tokyo

When ever we go to Los Angeles one thing we can not miss is a trip downtown to Little Tokyo, on a quest for paper, cool new pens and pencils and books.

Our favorite drink is green tea Boba with soft sweet tapioca balls, many places refer to this drink as bubble tea, but in LA everyone calls it boba. In Chicago we have had a hard time finding boba that tastes as good as they make it in LA, usually our biggest complaint is the tapioca balls are a little hard and flavorless here. Nina has begun making it at home, so we had to make a stop in a grocery to stock up on green tea powder and a few bags of the large tapioca.

When we arrived at Weller Court I was pleasantly surprised to see these beautiful illustrations hanging on the walls of the courtyard.
The store we like visiting the most is Kinokuniya, a large bookstore that has so much more than just wonderful books.The stationary department always has the coolest stuff!
I treated myself to a new mechanical pencil that holds .3 mm lead! It draws with an incredibly fine line. One of the cool features of this pencil besides holding very thin lead is that you can adjust the top of the pencil to indicate what type of lead (2B, HB, H, 2 H) you have in the barrel.

I also bought another eraser holder with spare white erasers. I love using one of these when I am drawing, the narrow diameter of the eraser helps you pinpoint and erase just the areas you want. The last package holds a glue pen.

I love this turquoise anodized metal pencil case with three separate compartments to hold tools.

3 Responses to “Cool new pencil box from Little Tokyo”

  1. that metal pencil case is the mostest!

  2. Stacy says:

    I can see you putting some fab metal art on top of that case! A lovely bluebird; or yellow one!

  3. Laura says:

    Do you happen to still have the brand name on that pencil box. I would love one!

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