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Quilting Arts just came in the mail. Another lovely issue. I love this cover quilt. Inside is the touching story of the woman who made this quilt. She was a multiple Quilting Arts calendar winner who lost her battle with skin cancer this year.

As I did my initial flip though of the magazine, I saw this ad for Make it U. At the top left is the lovely and hysterical Cheryl Prater, who is writing a book at the moment. Hey Cheryl, I just had a thought, maybe you should do an audio version to go with the book, so people can really get the whole experience. And then I was so surprised to see another picture from Chicago Quilt Festival with my sister Deb, Allison from Art Girlz and me painting my donation quilt for Houston in the virtual studios. That was so fun.
I flipped a couple more pages and saw this double page ad for Quilting Arts new Gifts issue coming out for the holidays. And look who’s name starts the list of contributors, hee hee. My projects are not shown here, because Quilting Arts wants to build the mystery and suspense. They know come November you will be racing to your local bookstore to snatch these special issues off the racks. Or if you are really on top of things you can pre-order it so you wont have to pull out your seam ripper and threaten the gal who is reaching for that last issue.

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  1. Is that me or Thumbelina? I am slightly taller in real life. Hey, isn’t it false advertising if they don’t bring us down to Houston? Do you think they’ll do it if I promise not to wear that sweater? Get your passport in order, Jude, we’re headin to the lone-star state. ;p

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