Look Em, I’m making cables!

I was so impressed with Emily Parson‘s fabulous black cable sweater a few months ago. I was determined to learn to make cables too. I started this with the leftovers from my last sweater (that I still have not done the finishing on) just to see if I could do it. What do you know, I had to make another yarn order from knitpicks so that I can keep going. The pattern is the “Must Have Cardigan” from Patons. And I am knitting it out of Knitpick’s Shine Worsted. I think this may take a while, this is thinking knitting. I also started another top in Freida green that is conversation knitting. (I’ll post a pic of that one in a day or two) I have discovered that I like having a project going in each kind of knitting to suit my mood or situation.

One Response to “Look Em, I’m making cables!”

  1. Emily says:

    Look at you go girl! That sweater looks fabulous, really, you look like you’ve been doing cables for decades. I have always loved that Patons pattern. It will look great on you!

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