Making new things look old

moth+copy Making new things look oldMore photoshop play, with a photo I took of a moth that unknowingly came inside on my shirt.

moth Making new things look oldmothoriginal Making new things look old
The photo on the right is the original, on the left is the photo that I manipulated the color and contrast. My daughter taught me how to create the effect on the top photo.

7 Responses to “Making new things look old”

  1. Carol Sloan says:

    Isn’t it funny, how our kids teach us now?

  2. Mai-Britt says:

    I don’t have any kids ;O) – can you give some clues? It looks fantastic………..

  3. it involved working in layers with several images and selecting multiply. that is about the best I can explain. I had my daughter show me a few times before I really understood what she was doing.

  4. Mai-Britt says:

    Thanks Judy, I shall have a go – and perhaps consult the manual!?

  5. Judy did you notice there is a ‘face’ in the moths body? I thought you might have added that, but I see it in all three. It looks like a double exposure of you turning….

  6. No special effect there. I did not see a face, I guess it is just the moths natural patterning.

  7. Cindra says:

    Now I understand how you did this. Oh fun! I will have to play with layers! A friend posted a photo of the same type moth on flickr and we were trying to figure out what kind it is. I love the double coloring.

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