More quilt show fun: Halloween

How cool to start my friday by meeting mixed media artist Katie Kendricks. Not only a wonderful artist but obviously an incredible teacher when you see the student work coming out of her classes. Katie was just finishing up her time in open studios when I came to setup for my session.
My next thrill was meeting Rice Freeman-Zachery author of the book Living the Creative Life. Rice is writing another book on creativity and I am so honored to be amongst the wonderful artists she has chosen to include in her book.

The lovely and glamorous witches Leslie and Jamie posed for a Halloween picture.

Here’s Frances Holliday Alford working across from me on her wreaths.
A little glimpse of the wall in the open studios area; Frances’ piece is right below the colors sign, my sister Deb Silva’s is below Frances’ and one of mine in on the right, the other one on the far left of the same row with the three flowers.After I finished Open Studios I taught my workshop on stitched felted wool ornaments. This is Make it University with the Quilting Arts booth in the background
and the other side of the workshop area, with Fiber on a Whim in the background.It was wonderful meeting blog visitor, Martha from Austin, beautiful ornament!
Everyone made wonderful ornaments, I wish I had better pictures of many of them, unfortunately my camera often focused on the background.

Look how cute Jane Davila, Barb Delaney from Quilting Arts and Pokey Bolton were.
Friday night at the Quilt Art reception we realized many of us also love apples.
Me, Robbi Eklow, Lesley Riley, Pokey

4 Responses to “More quilt show fun: Halloween”

  1. Deb Silva says:

    I’m so bummed i missed it!
    oh well, see you in Chicago 09!!

  2. Pokey Bolton says:

    oooh oooh Deb does this mean you are coming to Chicago!? Make sure to let me know! Yippeee! Judy, love the shots!



  3. Martha says:

    Hi Judy: Great Pics! I just got done watching your DVD “Painting Fabric for Wholecloth Quilts: Now I’m ready to tackle my next project. It was soo great meeting you! The sun ornament is so beautiful, it will be out all yr. round. Until then…..

  4. Deb Silva says:

    Yes, I’m coming to Chicago, Pokey,
    can’t wait!

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