Nantucket Jacket is finished!

Buttons on and it was just cool enough to wear it the first half of today. I love it, and this time my sister won’t get it. ^_^

10 Responses to “Nantucket Jacket is finished!”

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  2. How do I edit a comment I botched without just deleting it????

    Beautiful sweater! You make me wish I lived somewhere cold! Nah, not really.

    Love the braids.

  3. I have enjoyed the knitting journey and applaud the finished product!
    Gypsy at Heart

  4. Deborah says:

    Love love love it! The details, the color, the fit! And the braids are super cute too!

  5. sue v says:

    really nice! I want to learn to knit after seeing your beautiful creations…

  6. zquilts says:

    It’s a really special piece ! Glad you are going to keep it !

  7. Cheryl says:

    This is fabulous! You did a great job.

  8. Deb Silva says:

    Dang! I love it, are you sure it’s not too big?

  9. Jadis says:

    awesome fit!
    love it.

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