New Sweater

I have started a new sweater. This time it is a hoodie from Patons made in Knitpicks Merino Style wool. It is nice and soft.

I was not so thrilled with the cable design used in the pattern so i have decided to try my own. This has been a lot of trial and error. First i wanted to use Vogue knittings embossed twining leaf pattern up the front but i found that i could not do this pattern no matter how many times i tried. I was convinced there was a type-o in the instructions. After i did a quick online search of the pattern name i found plenty of blogs with lovely knitted samples and no one mentioned a problem knitting it, so i guess it is just me.

Then i decided to use a celtic cable pattern. i found a lovely celtic cable here.
The directions for this pattern are on a chart. That was new for me, the graphed charts always look so daunting. but I have to say this one was not bad. After one time knitting the whole pattern through I found that I could read the symbols without referencing the key. When I started the second repeat i did not like the way it looked so i ripped it out and decided to connect the celtic knots into a continuous pattern. Following the chart you can work up to the 22nd row and then start again on the 7th row and it will make a continuous design. I like this much better.

4 Responses to “New Sweater”

  1. Emily says:

    I have always wanted to make that sweater but wasn’t thrilled by the bobbles. Every single one of those cable swatches is lucious!

  2. I love cables and Celtic designs, but I couldn’t get your Celtic cable link to work. Can you try it, and perhaps repost it?

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