Every year Wired magazine sponsors a show of future technology called Nextfest. This year it is in Chicago at Millennium Park, what an awesome show! I would love to see so much this technology used now. This is the description from the website: WIRED NextFest is the premier showcase of the global innovations transforming our world. Now in its fifth year, WIRED’s gallery of the future includes unique and bold exhibits of sustainable design, next generation healthcare, interactive art and games, humanoid robotics and more.
Toyota was well represented here with quite a few really interesting vehicle designs. This chair type vehicle was really interesting, the maneuvering controls were hand held.

Brainball was really cool, people strap on headbands that read brainwaves.
The ball starts in the middle of the table and is drawn to the person with the higher stress level.
The screen above them showed each persons brain waves. There were two people who closed their eyes and the ball rolled back and forth between them in a battle of relaxation, then one guy opened his eyes to peak, he must of gotten excited that he was winning, because the ball was immediately drawn to him and he lost the battle.

I love these mower sheep. Can you imagine a flock of these mowing a grassy field?
It was such a beautiful warm day, look at that cloudless blue sky reflected in the bean. You don’t see that too often in Chicago. The state of the economy was quite apparent here. For a friday afternoon on a holiday weekend there were surprisingly few tourists.

4 Responses to “Nextfest”

  1. raf says:

    Hi Judy..because I love your blog..I’ve tagged you!If you have time, check out my “the power of words” blog!

  2. Stacy says:

    I so want a MOE. That is the most adorable thing. Course; I suppose it might be cheaper to just have a real sheep but in thinking about maintenance… oil one and shear the other. But all the wool would be nice too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karen says:

    I love gadgets! That MOE is a fun idea, It would be the hit of the neighborhood round here!

  4. My RocketScientist daughter would love that first vroom-vroom. [she wants to rebuild an old Datsun 510, after she finds one] She is into the off normal that other teens are into. She would also really like Nina’s hearts, I am putting them on my desktop to show her. Steph would turn it into a tea pot….

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