Painting canvas

I have been so busy the last couple months: teaching in Long Beach, preparing for QATV, teaching at Create, filling out proposals and contracts, that I have had no time to just make art for the love of it.

I still have a bunch of stuff on my to do list, but I just had to take a break and make some art to re energize myself before getting back to work preparing for teaching in Houston at IQF. So I pulled out the canvas I started in Alissa Burke’s class and had some fun! This is what it looked like before

I definately want to collage and paint more canvas like this, hopefully I will get to paint more before too much time passes.

14 Responses to “Painting canvas”

  1. Bee says:

    I LOVE this! I thought it looked great before, but I really like what you’ve added! I want to try it now!! I love the way the layers show through.

  2. Yes, it was wonderful before, but even better now!! Layers are good.

  3. Melissa P says:

    I’m so glad you were able to work/play with this some more. It’s gorgeous. I picked up a copy of Quilting Arts Gift magazine. I’m looking forward to reading more on your piece.

  4. Judy!
    I loved it when I saw it in Chicago, but wow!
    I love where you have taken it. The canvas has a very exuberant tone. Thanks for posting the progression of the piece.
    I just tried my hand at an ungessoed canvas yesterday. I decided to take Alisa’s online course because you inspired me. Take a peek at my blog, as there are shot progressive shots of the canvas.

  5. Oh that makes me laugh!
    Blogspot was reconfigured by iPad as bloodspot. Too funny! I guess there are a few disadvantages to technology…

  6. jojo says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL Judy! So alive! How big is it? Add Alisa onto the list – of classes “i-must-take-before-i-die”. Hopefully you all will be in Long Beach next summer – see you!


  7. Hi jojo, the canvas is 3′ x 6′, and yes taking a class with Alisa is a must do! I sent in my proposals for long beach last week, so maybe I’ll be there.

  8. Cindy Shake says:

    Lovely! I like your new style of movement/pattern in the illustrations.
    I’ve nominated you for a “Life is Good” blog award :o) I know you may not be into these things but I love your creativity and sharing. You can read about the nomination on my blog.

  9. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the nomination!

  10. Jeannie says:

    Judy, this is wonderful! You, Leslie, and Alisa have inspired me so much. Thanks!!!

  11. Jane LaFazio says:

    oh Judy……..I really, really love this!

  12. Ro Bruhn says:

    This is beautiful, so inspiring and uplifting, I love it.

  13. Your bird is adorable Judy…very vibrant!

  14. Sonica says:

    congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
    oil painting on canvas

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